The Keyhole

P1090275I found this  keyhole on a walk in the woods several years ago, after a period of spring rain. The closed to traffic, but driveable dirt trail used by horses, people, bikes, and dogs,-not necessarily in that order- crosses  a creek several times, with the water passing through culverts you can practically stand up in.

Lured by the sound of plunging rapids at the edge of the road, I looked down to see quite a loud and frothy torrent dropping to the roiling creek bed below. Wondering what that looked like from the other end of the corrugated pipe buried beneath the road (the receiving end of the aqueduct),  I climbed down the rip-rap braced bank, straddled the water passing beneath me upon two rocks which didn’t quite keep my work boots dry, and ducked my head inside the tunnel. Upon leaving daylight, it was quite dark, except for the generous circle of light captured in my zoom lens.

It is a pleasant illusion,  this view upon a place that hardly resembled  the “same” scene as viewed from the other side of the road above. Keep in mind that the water is flowing away from you, and then dropping out of sight. The moss covered Bay trunk was placed there by a Wonderfully Creative  Artist. All of it was, roots and all.

You may look upon it and enter into a state of unexplained peace.  You are the only key that will fit here AND make that happen. You can place any scene you want into that doorway, because you have chosen to step off the road most traveled. The doorway is not locked. The door we think we see blocking the way is only ourSELVES. The same one we allow to conceal our innate divinity. The scene that we have long created, directed, and promoted, is that the door is somehow closed. This imaginary door is the old shredding veil between our illusion of an isolated self, and the limitless state of possibilities that exist within Knowing and loving our Oneness.

We each have our expressly  unique passkey to the divinity  encoded in our genes. We could be standing in our own wide open doorway, and our vision is still fogged by the memory of such a long compelling illusion of separation, where many of our fears still bogart the spotlights. Yes, fear is a primary cause of spiritual blindness. It gives  blindness to all kinds of happiness.

All the doors are open at this time. Our planet has made four complete Galactic Cycles of 26 thousand years each since our divinity was brought here from the Pleiades:  104 thousand years of rediscovering our Source. All of this has come to pass. We are there, and just kind of standing around rattling our keys, wondering what is next.  Rather than looking for details, look inside your own heart for the answers. They are all in there, and may not look like what you’ve been taught to expect. It certainly isn’t hell. We’ve been there and done that. We’re experts at that old paradigm, and now need to forget.

Every being having an experience in a human body has an inner/ higher  body/mind that knows exactly what the New Earth looks like. Guess  what? It looks a bit different to each one of us. That is a huge part of the miracle we are. The so called many mansions and many rooms of heaven are but the promise of infinite possible realities we have yet to explore in our newly liberated iterations. We barely realize how much we have to show one another. But we are already doing it.

What might  appear to be pouring into your lap may be but a small portion of that life flow, the life force, which only wants to lead you on ahead, into the light. This is happening regardless of the picture you perceive. You can only fall down the rabbit hole if that is what you really expect. That would simply be another adventure, not unlike whatever one you are in now.

We have been taught to construct our reality by what we perceive to be differences. The mental body has latched onto this course of discovery with brilliant gusto. Now it is time to use all of our subtle inner bodies to focus and readjust to the harmonics within our oneness. If there are rabbit holes in the heart, they are only alternative ways back Home.

Surely you don’t think this body you are in is the end of the road.



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