Real Magic


This last Christmas in Arizona  with my family was pretty magical. It wouldn’t have been the same without our 5 grandchildren. This scene was at the Fairmont Princess Resort in North Scottsdale, which featured more millions of colored lights than I can remember.


The fact that this much (just in this one scene)  otherwise invisible love and intelligence surrounds us at all times strikes me as magical as anything else I can think of. The bluish light is smoke, and the rest is not mirrors.

Magic:  This is what keeps me going.  I can’t stop thinking about it, doing it, and talking about it.

When I go there with people of certain religious conditioning, I often encounter a complete shutdown of communication, which always reminds me, for some reason, that Meek means Teachable. There is nothing meek in ANY form of judgement.  I actually have some real healing skills, which is even harder to share with many folks; usually someone who has shared that they have a certain ailment.

The most difficult people to heal are those who identify with their handicap or illness. to suggest healing them often frightens their sense of identity. They may need to find something new then to feel sorry for themselves about. I’m not making fun of suffering. I know exactly what it feels like. It’s simply not something I choose.

Even harder to convince people of is that we choose everything about us. The question is: Which aspect of ourselves is doing the choosing?

Of course I wouldn’t know of this ability if there weren’t people who were open enough to receive it.  I am my own best Guinea Pig. I once healed a snapped tibia while laying on the ground in agony. My arm showed no prejudice whatsoever against spontaneous healing.

One of the first laws of healing is that you don’t impose it on anyone, as that is an interruption of the inner choices that led to being ill, or dis – eased in the first place. If you don’t follow that, read the post about The Complete Human. Our “conscious,” often ego prompted mind, rarely knows what all the invisible bodies are up to. Illness begins with an energy blockage or some disfunction that allows the 3D pathogens to go to work on us.

We each have a  device template, or cosmic blueprint of the perfect state of all our overlapping bodies. The real magic of the universe makes it possible, if understood confidently, to return instantaneously to that perfect state. To understand confidently begins by believing this in the first place. Or remain enchanted by the knowledge you are sick.

Whether or not you believe Jesus performed His famous healing miracles, He did. People all over the planet do such things today, and it gets treated like tabloid drivel. it gets treated like alternative truth or fake news.   Fake news gets a better rep than faith healing.

Healing is only an example of Divine Magic. I don’t heal anyone all by myself. I allow it to work through me, and with practice, the results grow more consistent. My dear friend Charlie taught me to do healing meditations at least 25 years ago. At the time I could feel the energy running through me like a freight train, but I was probably not yet on the right track, because there were no appreciable results.

That was before I learned to love myself and understand the Divine Presence in every atom and event. Understanding this is prerequisite to knowing that everything is always already connected.  An old spiritual axiom is: Where your thoughts go, so the energy follows. Everything is energy.  Any separations or distinctions  are purely belief based: thought generated.  ALL REALITY IS BELIEF BASED.  So attend to the quality (and joy) of your beliefs. Joy is one of the greatest qualities most beliefs are lacking.

So when I speak of magic, it is not heresy, or blasphemy, but a very pro-active proclamation of the power of divine love permeating The Great Everything.

Even if you don’t believe you can alter your reality with focus of intent, that belief is surely its own reward. You may not alter anything, but you will assuredly retain that which you lament. Guaranteed.

The fact that this otherwise unexplainably complex physicality manifests for us, is proof enough for me. Science is scratching its head over fewer and fewer details as physics and metaphysics are now being seen as two sides of the same coin.   The “Observer Effect” is well known amongst scientists.  In controlled identical experiments with two groups having opposing expectations, divergent results can occur.  In other words the participants are more likely to get what they expect, regardless of popular opinion.


This is not magic. It is my camera dancing before a sparky fire.

Understanding first that Everything in the Third Dimension is a magical illusion, makes it a lot easier to accept that what “is” can become something else.  Then you can enjoy That illusion.

When I then repeatedly over use the word Magic, please forget all notions of trickery, sleight of hand, card tricks, witchcraft, and satanism. Yes, Black Magic exists for those willing to use, deceive, exploit and harm a fellow being.  But even darkness serves The One White Light of Creation.  Call it White Magic if you will, but it is all God.

It is all about Intention. Intention with a foundation in an open loving heart which respects all life, all beings, can only promote the Enlightenment of All. That is BIG healing.


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