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Modern Abalone and ancient Agatized Ammonite. Six pieces of Angelite arc across the center of this vignette. Also in this shot: purple Charoite, Blue Lace Agate, Crysoprase, Double terminated Quartz Crystal, Turquoise, Heliodor, and Fresh water Clam shells from Arkansas.

Waltar is an acronym for Wall Altar.  Very few people have ever seen Waltar, who lives on the inside back wall of the shed which sports the Rose Quartz Love Grounding Engine on the roof.

Taking the suggestion that I come to fully understand my Oneness with The Father seriously, I spent about four months during less than “perfect” weather painting and epoxying Waltar.  It was about as addictive as all my similar dedications to The One.

It was in front of Waltar, in a Bakhti state,  that I have sung myself to both the 14th and 17th  Dimensions.  It would be hard to describe such an experience without using the word “bliss.” I may not have sung so loudly and passionately in a public place, but I had to learn somewhere safe. And I learned.

Waltar is kind of a large detailed version of my logo.img_1499


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