What has come together in this photograph is a montage of the themes Edenlight supports, all of which are grounding the Heavens here:

  1. Nature
  2. Beauty
  3. The Divine Feminine
  4. Iris
  5. The Rainbow
  6. Flowers
  7. Joy
  8. Color
  9. Sound:   As this photo has no audio, you cannot hear the birds.    The order of all these elements is irrelevant, as all are harmonious.
  10. The Divine Masculine. We’re everywhere too. You just can’t see us. You should however be able to see Him as the Sunlight. Photo by friend, Rindor.

My friend Yerevan showed up one afternoon in a blouse that matched the buff mauve color of the Iris blooming in front of her. It is not raining inside or out, however there is never a garden hose far away. I met Yerevan because she heard I honor Iris, who she has been communicating with much of her life, and hadn’t met anyone else yet who did so. It is much easier, but no more or less relevant, to connect with people who know Jesus, Mary, Devi, or Buddha. Even Mohammed.

We subsequently became friends in the army of Light Workers. Twice she has hosted me on her radio program on KOWS, which was in Occidental, Sonoma County,in   with a signal that barely made it to the next pasture, but has since moved to Sebastopol, with a similar signal but a more populous proximity. I learned I am not shy on the radio. I wasn’t particularly  self conscious when I was an antiques auctioneer back in the 80’s.

Yerevan is a gifted astrologer, musician, and understander of plant and mineral and animal magic. I will always be a bit regretful that I was unable to attend a Faerie Tea Party she once invited me to.

I have no idea why WordPress would not let me put the title of this post at the top like all the rest…? In the draft it is at the top, but won’t stay there when I publish. But it’s OK.



All Things Coming Together

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