Things in Bloom Today in the Heaven Grounding Garden


Flowering Pear, Pyrus calleryana  “Autumn Blaze”.  The name describes the fall show.



Syringa x “Charles Joly” Lilac


Prunus “Bada Bing” Fruiting Cherry


Akebia quinquefolia,  Five Leaf Akebia


Viburnum tinus, “Spring Bouquet.”


Acer palmatum dissectum, “Peaches and Cream,” Japanese Maple. Note the tiny red sparse blooms.


Lonicera x “Arnold’s Red”, from the Arnold Arboretum. Colorful but not fragrant, Honeysuckle

IMG_1798 (1)

The first Bletilla striata Orchid blossom of the year. Easy to grow in the ground or containers.

IMG_1796 (1)

Weeping Crabapple, (Malus hybrid)


Tobacco mosaic Virus on fresh Rose leaves. 6 of 12 $3 bare root bagged roses  I bought from a well known Home Store had different forms of this virus.   Complaining  resulted in the response:” We never have that happen”.. I guess I got what I paid for. This plant has nice yellow flowers that kind of go with the leaves.  Not sterilizing the pruning shears between each plant spreads the virus quickly. They came from two different growers who have a nice outlet for their less than premium stock. There is no known cure.


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