Blessed Trust

P1320692It is more than just comforting to know that divine Power, Purpose and Compassion infinitely exceeds and can instantaneously transmute anything I may allow to worry me. I intend to believe and repeat this enormous truth until I’ve fully ingested and embodied it. it comforts me a lot when I focus there. The more of us who do this, the easier it shall become for everyone else. My friend Evy calls this process “Faithing”.  I recently heard of a rather prescient young child who said,”Personing is hard.” I fully understood what she was not just trying to say, but actually saying eloquently.

IMG_1791 (1)

Barney, and his four visible wives here all trust that I will provide them with food, water and shelter.  As if that weren’t enough, they also seem to understand that I actually love them.When cuddling a happy chicken, the love is reciprocal. They’ re generally a lot softer than you would expect.

I believed for some reason in the power of faith before I felt I really had it. That’s perhaps a better than average start.  To those who say  ” Show me. I want proof. I need to feel it, ” I respond, “What part of this enormous miracle of existence in the first place don’t you get?”  We are given exactly what we truly believe. If the belief is couched in fear, which is the direct opposite of love, you are perhaps playing on the less advantageous team.  The world is chock full of evidence of how things CAN go wrong, even terribly wrong: all the result or individual or group consciousness. It’s still all just a very convincing illusion.

When I broke my right arm about 3 years ago, my first broken bone ever (other than the little toe which doesn’t really count), I was in the midst of a state of pure CHOICE.  And pain. There were two possible choices:  The common choice would have been to say, Oh no, I broke my arm, I’m going to have a lot of pain and be disabled and not be able to do landscaping or any of the art projects I’m working in…Oh,no.   I made the other choice: I disidentified with my temporary state, saw a fully functional arm in its perfect blueprint condition, its etheric template, prayed profusely for this to be so, practiced my entire bag of healing tools upon myself, and was then only slightly less surprised as most would be when I got up off the ground and had full use of the arm.

Where the tibia had snapped just below the elbow, it then developed a bony ridge callus over the fracture, which went away after several months. Had I been thinking more clearly in my pain delirium, I would have asked for a total healing, rather than just full use of the arm. I got exactly what I asked for, which did reflect not a total confidence in this ability.

It no longer surprises me when I offer some kind of healing, and my intended “victim’  recoils in fear that I am about to steal their identity. Kind of like: “That’s MY pain you’re messing with,Buster”. Even The Divine does not impose healing, so why should I? Pain is just part of the lesson.  Almost all “reactions” are fear based – the opposite of love,( which only generates “radiance”). WE are currently evolving from a reactive , to our true radiant reality, in which we understand our connection with The Great All, where the giving and the receiving become one thing.

When we fully learn what it means to live on a FREE WILL PLANET, we will make better choices for our personal and collective well being. Ask with complete belief in the true cooperative nature of the universe, and the 3rd  and the 5th dimensions mesh right on in.

So when we talk about Heaven Grounding to Earth, it is WE as much as Gaia, who fully supports us, who  are calling this in with our love of what Creation really is.

Once we grasp the mechanics of creation we find that no miracle is more or less difficult or unlikely as the next. I am still grasping, but am pleased with the evidence which continues to manifest. I prefer conditioning my evolution this way rather than by watching network news.


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