Edenlight is a Chameleon



These Bambis are in the field adjacent to Edenlight, last summer.Keeping them OUT of Edenlight is a separate issue.

Just like the chameleon (except for the swivel cone eyes and snappy tongue, Edenlight has the innate ability to blend in with her surroundings. A Master of blatant camouflage, she revels in every specie of plant, animal, mineral, or element by which she manifests.P1300920P1320066

As a true Rainbow Being, in her proactive Peaceful Oneness with nature and all its Life Forces, colors, and Music of the Spheres, she is just that: A manifest presence of Peace and Love.

She sees that same beauty in Mankind, whom she willing serves (as all Bodhisattva), for her vision goes deeper than many who fall under her compassionate observation.


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