Becoming an Artist

  1. P1310283

    Detail of a gourd rattle.

    IMITATE. Learn to copy something innovative and beautiful because it inspires you, not just because someone else says it’s worth while. There are no mistakes in practicing, or in your result.

2.   ASSIMILATE.  Allow the process to enter and become natural. If you have to make yourself enjoy what you are creating, you are not creating. Be joyful, and practise , practice, practice. And praise.

3.   UNIVATE.   Become one with the process, as you channel your muses and exercise your potential. Your natural vision will attract the other dimensional energies and guidance which are  sympathetic to exactly what you are desiring to manifest. This art will be innovative and alive. People will recognize this, and you will have had the visceral pleasure of being fully involved in the creation process. Forget desire: allow passionate love to become your sustenance; your only need.


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