What’s Going On?


If it looks like a duck, walks like a chicken, and honks like a goose, I can’t blame you if you can’t figure out what it is, because you have been the victim of fowl play, or maybe only Monsanto.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the World Drenched herbicide, Roundup, which I too once blithely applied to the land, has now been officially designated a carcinogen. We have barely an idea how hard that company lobbied to obfuscate this hideous truth. It was kind of like the tobacco companies, who long stalled saying ,  we, ah, need, ah, more research..

What could be more sinister than trying to control the world’s food seed supply so that virtually all crops can then be soaked with cancer causing poison? Come on World; wake up!   We’re being helped in this time when ALL LIES SHALL BE EXPOSED.   Unless of course the media is not allowed access to important decisions. Oh, what am I thinking? That would be just like a dictatorship…

And if you find it distasteful to believe this could be true, you are also probably not going to be open to knowing what all the white stripes they spray in the sky all day long are  NOT water vapor contrails. It is aluminum powder, barium crystals, and seasonally; the latest influenza virus. Some commercial planes are fitted with the spray nozzles that make it look like some kind of exhaust, but they are mostly an enormous fleet of shadow government planes with no identifying numbers  anywhere in sight. I have been observing them for years with both telescopes and the naked eye.  This epic operation of darkening our planet is not being done by a friendly agenda, however when pressed, back comes the partial truth answer: It is a cloud matrix to deflect global warming, and applied to the planet exactly like a giant crop dusting operation.

When you hear the word “Chemtrail”, please understand we are being sprayed with chemicals all of time. It is NOT water vapor you see streaking and darkening the skies. No jet exhaust is capable of this.

This too shall pass, as darkness cannot survive the light of  the truth which cannot be stopped. Let’s at least try to pay attention, and react out of radiant love rather than resentful fear.

Our only immediate defense, which is ENOUGH, is to eat the best food we are able to acquire, hold healthy loving thoughts, and be as much in nature as possible. Loving ourselves and the God within is the one defense those who control us have no power over.

They aren’t conspiracies.  They are policies.  And we will survive them. And when we are ready, never let it happen to us again. It’s nothing new, only technically more advanced than the Dark Side of the good old days.

We are already well into the shift we have been learning toward.


Edenlight’s compost pile. All of the soil in Edenlights containers was made right here, from landscape prunings, grass clippings, lots of neighbor’s horse manure, chicken poop, wood ash, worm castings, fossil sea kelp, sawdust, and any other appropriate organic ingredient that shows up. This is on the adjacent lot which the owner is selling along with Edenlight. I would like to say this soil is organic, but there really is no unpolluted soil, air, or water on the planet today.


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