A Prayer Against the Snare

The fewer other beings we choose to serve in this life, the fewer shall be our portion of the great reward.  If you want to relate that to the old idea of heaven and hell, and if that makes you less selfish, then go for it. That’s a whole other discussion in other posts. The Law of Attraction applies to all things, and most certainly to blessings.

We are blessed first by Grace, and then inundated with blessings which reflect those we ourselves give out. Or if we give none out, we get to live in the one thing that fills that void; Chaos.

This is only hard to figure out when it threatens the ego’s sense of losing control of all the selfish agendas, which are always fear based on some level.

The ego actually appreciates being attached to or allied with a soul being who is naturally confident of their own divinity, and not snared in a brain stem level survival game. Otherwise the ego simply loves pretending to protect us from all the fears it invites in to stay busy with, while we are then too busy reacting to wake up from that ageless trap.

The more room you make for others “down here” the more room is made for you “up there”. There just isn’t any up or down. But there IS lighter or darker. There are laws that govern us. And WE are in charge of how that goes. For us.


It is only a choice


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