Nature heals, especially if we help keep it healthy. Everything we truly honor with respect and gratitude is going to be healthy; particularly ourselves.

Seek healing wherever you truly believe you will find it.

A quack (and probably even a duck) can heal you if you believe it’s happening. Belief, belief, belief.  Fear based beliefs are not at all useful. This is not hypothetical. If you are entirely convinced that Western Medicine will heal you, it will do just that, and in ways never before possible. It is one of the ways miracles can occur.

If you believe the divinity within you can heal you, you will also be healed. Living on a free will planet includes being able to have thoughts that preserve and enhance our overall well being. We are CAPABLE of thoughts beneficial to all our various bodies; most certainly the physical, mental and emotional parts of us. We are equally capable of sabotaging ourselves with all forms of negative thought. We tend to do this rather freely, and when we are particularly adept at it we typically blame someone or something else for our predicament.Then we are really trapped in our illusion.

Healing and every other aspect of our reality is belief based. Believe with that part of you which aligns most closely with your soul – your heart –  and you can heal anyone. When self love and love of Source are on balance you can do anything.

But only with their permission. To impose healing (from ego) is wrong for several reasons. You are in some way interrupting that soul’s human experience, which is to learn to do for ourselves what is already in our genes. An unwelcome healing ( though that may not be the conscious perception) can cause identity trauma for those who strongly identify with their ailment as WHO THEY ARE, or prevent a self healing lesson which may have been the soul’s purpose for dealing with the malady in the first place.


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