I Respect


I respect horses, and the people who ride them.  I respect divorces , and the people who hide them.

I respect fidelity, when it comes from the heart,  And I respect the men and women who give themselves to art.

I respect the sun’s rays,  Dancing off the moon.   I respect a winter storm,  and the sharpness of its tune.

I respect infinity,  and my own immortal soul.   I respect my own divinity,   and the lives that gave their toll.

I respect the seasons,   and the colors of the wind,   And I respect the reason why they’ve tried to say we sinned.

I respect when you don’t agree,  with what I think is right,   And respect that some are given  rather different forms of sight.

P1400954I respect that some mountains,    take longer to move,   And all the quiet pilgrims,   with nothing to prove.

I respect confusion,   and the lessons they might bring us.   And I respect illusion,   and the colored spheres that sing us.

I respect my challenges,   as gifts that appear,   And respect that their purpose    Is to lift me from fear.

I respect survival,   as a default state of mind,   And respect a good revival,   even if the Pastor’s blind.

I respect compassion,   especially when I see it,   And respect when I remember;   I don’t have to Try to Be it.

I respect creation,   and the little part I play,   And the Light that washes everything   With the Light of a brand new day.


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