Common Ground

When people of diverse religious or cultural backgrounds come together on common ground, something happens that transcends the sum of the parts.

What is Common Ground?

It is a highly spiritually nutrient rich Petri dish of mutual respect, respect for ALL creation, self respect, and all the other things which reflect a Multiverse created in Love.

Common Ground is by nature one built of diversity.

IMG_1819 Of course Love is the premier penicillin for all perceived challenges.

Let’s forget exclusivity, separateness, judgement, self doubt, and all the other related illusions which feed upon that highly vulnerable mentality lost in “SELF”.

When we begin radiating our already present Divinity,  this timeless problem will run out of time!

I would say: Don’t be chicken, but that would be unfair to chickens. If you can spoil something with love, you might say it happened to this flock of feather pods.


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