The original paradigm in which humanity was created was one of GETTING. This is deeply entrenched in our collective psyche. It ties directly to that “problem” of WANTING, which is our reaction to not understanding that it has all already been given. As we awaken out of that ancient instructive dream, and rise within OUR OWN divinity ( which has already been given, though we may feel we have paid a great price for it) we  will recognize we can relax the old Getting vibration, and trade it in for the far more comfortable new paradigm state of HAVING all that is needed. There is no sacrifice , no limitation, in this gift, which can be received through absolutely any open heart portal. We all possess one. It is the core of our naturally radiant state. It just can’t be opened with the obsolete mind that still only recognizes the tired dream of fearing lack.


This funnel web spider lives on the brick corner column of the gazebo about  two feet from where my left ear spends a lot of time. It lacks for nothing, yet reacts very quickly when the universe puts a struggling insect anywhere on the outer web work. I have intervened more than once when one of my moth or crane fly friends ends up there.  This steadfastly patient little weaver is about an inch long total.


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