Q & A

This post was inspired by a fairly common bumper sticker today that said: “War is not the answer.” Not being sure what the question was, I propose these offerings:

If life were somehow a question,  war is  most certainly not the answer.

Nor greed.

Nor selfishness.

Nor any sense of separation from Source, whatsoever.

Separation has been removed along with the old dream; the old paradigm.

Many haven’t noticed this yet as they cling to the old illusion of separation.

Though it isn’t one of mine;  perhaps if God’s love WERE a question;

Life itself would be a strong answer.

If the question were, “What is God?”

My answer is:  Raw (but Very Refined) love, You, Me, Life, and the sacred interconnection of All of it.

Until we refuse to be cogs in the ever turning wheels of the military industrial empire complex,  some of us will continue to believe that war is inevitable.  Any church that suggests it’s superiority,  or advocates killing those of a different belief,  is no less guilty of cosmic fraud.

Why do we allow the Dark Side to shape our beliefs?

It is for each one of us to discover that particular answer within our hearts.

Both of the following signs are in Edenlight’s Love Grounding Engine Portal.


Yin Heart: The Female half of Love.


The Yang, or masculine half of love. The blog format made it look larger.  It is not, as the Yin and Yang are inseparably equal. That duality is much of the foundation of our 3D experience.


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