If You Wish

If you wish for a benevolent universe, BE benevolent.

If you want the universe to be kind, ACT with kindness.

If you wonder where the love is,  look within,  for you wouldn’t exist without it.

When you recognize it within you,  only then will you see that it is in ALL things.

You will then see only a benevolent universe – and it is REAL. IMG_2180 If YOU are.  You can feel real here.



We Never Fell



These orbs in the night sky over Edenlight are testimony to the rich multidimensionality of consciousness; of life. These are not the stars from which we are made,  or are they?


Orbs and light energy patterns with a regular digital/ flash camera. This is part of us too.

We never fell.  We have in fact done a good job of going down that rabbit hole some would like to call original sin.  It did a wonderful job keeping us ignorant of our individual divinity for a long long time.  Being scared is not a frequency that is in any way harmonic with Creation’s naturally allowing state. Yet fear has been institutionally orchestrated, and we have even embraced it.

We never fell.  Reality is not linear, as time and space are illusory.  We were created and we evolved. As we are ALL God, it is rather easily argued that we have created ourselves.  Considering the creative resources available to us (Everything), it is not far fetched to consider that we have actually, in our own roundabout fractal way, astutely created histories, civilizations, and paradigm shifts that would make us the most awesome life form to yet occupy the multiverse. Without “experiences”, what do we have to compare ourselves with? I have heard in no uncertain terms from specifically Jesus, Buddha, and Source, that there is “Great value in All Experience”. Judgement doesn’t fit anywhere in that scenario.  Judgement is something we figured out how to do to one another, and perfected upon ourselves!

When we judge another being, or another life form, we are doing it to ourselves,  for there is nothing which is not essentially an intimate aspect of each of us. The “higher” and “lower” life forms are all mutually interconnected.  They are ALL part of our infinitely diverse common experience. Spiders, snails, wolves, badgers, cormorants, lemurs, humans, and alfalfa are but a few of the infinite expressions of Source Consciousness. See it as a magnificent collective fractal experience that you are the center of. It’s true.

We never fell.  Of course the apple is a metaphor for a choice we once made – NOT to look a gift horse (God) in the mouth, but rather to grow through our own priceless experiences.

Of course as we have wandered in the desert,  there have been our hawker selves along the way warning of a burning place of eternal suffering; anything Not just to frighten us from our experiencing our own divinity, but to help us grow into and fully appreciate the awesome miraculous gift that ANY and ALL life represents. Just wait until we we properly grasp our immortality.

We’re getting there!  Wait until you see us in our “confident” edition. (That’s what happens when we figure out the true nature of Faith).  Actually much of the universe is counting on this.


Edenlight’s MAGIC

No small portion of the magic building at Edenlight over the past 25 years can be attributed to her quiet personna – although at the moment she is about to erupt into her annual peak of a screaming color celebration. The best rose exhibition of the year is promised by burgeoning buds (mostly without aphis) in shrub, tree, and climbing forms  throughout the enchanted acre. She is already showing off exquisitely, and perhaps because she is female, loves to change her mandalic United Nations of Plants wardrobe virtually on a daily basis.Not to be left unacknowledged are the energetic contributions of the no less sacred sprits from the animal and mineral realm – especially the avian, cetacean and Silicon dioxide energies.

If Iris is the Goddess of Peace and The Rainbow, Edenlight shines the same transformative light directly into the conveniently intersecting gridwork of Mother Earth which underlays her tapestry of shrines, altars, vortices, portals, and deep roots.

There is no intention of changing her powerfully reverent and illuminating serenity into a circus of pseudo-spirituality. Edenlight’s healing, heaven grounding magic is in Nature. The plants (now a small forest), the boulders and gems, the art, birds, and ancient Earth energies long worshipped on this site in Indian Valley by the Native Americans, all resonate in natural harmony. Cell service is so poor here, that while temporally inconvenient, one of Edenlight’s invisible secrets is her low level  of  microwaves and EMF’s – energies which inhibit our natural ability to awaken.


The Rose: “California Dreamin’ “


This little guy was regaling the garden with his ribbit bubble throat last evening among the Sarracenias.

Places like Sedona, Arizona have been seriously compromised by commercialism. The sweetest magic of Sedona has actually relocated itself to a little visited area of Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction. The mission is that Edenlight be preserved in perpetuity for the common well being, and not exploited and ruined like so many sacred places before her.

So be it.

Much gratitude to those whose generosity and love are contributing to the acquisition of Edenlight’s land.



UNITY: Deva of the Rebirth of Unity


The largest Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) in Marin County, in a client’s front yard on a ridge top overlooking Indian Valley. I can see this tree from Edenlight, and Edenlight  in the valley below. The photo doesn’t quite express its magnificence as an Elder among us.


Extremely common view outside the back gate of Edenlight.


Two Pacific tree Frogs in amplexus in one of the Pitcher Plant tanks.


Venus flytraps and Sundews awaiting summer insects.


I can imagine, if Toucan


Convergent ladybird on Prickly Lettuce weed. Hippodamia convergens and Lactuca serriola.


Detail of triangle behind Jesus: Chrysocolla with Cuprite, Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Blue Kyanite, & Pearls on aqua Aventurine Quartzite.


Could this be a petrified Elephant Seal?


This should comfort you if you ever feel lost.

A Useful Mantra or Prayer:



Signs in the garden to prepare you to prepare for the prayer:


  1. It’s always a choice; every single second.
  2. We must begin with the RECEIVING part, for the love that creates and sustains us has been around a whole lot longer than any of our current life streams, AND INFINITELY LONGER THAN OUR TRANSIENT FEARS.When we consciously accept this we have established the first step in living in cosmic balance.
  3. If we don’t choose love over fear, fear will insinuate itself as our default guidance system every time. The world is chock full of all the things we’ve been taught and become accustomed to fear. The battle of light and darkness is not a joke or simple whimsy. In the duality system we live in, it is what gives us our soul honing experiences. However we only get honed by Not resisting the darkness, but by embracing the light from which even the dark is an instructive aspect.
  4. We  embrace the darkness paradoxically by focusing only on the light that makes it all possible. We can only do this by generating love; by generating love that harmonizes with the love we are always being lit with.
  5. Remember that manifesting our reality happens in Three Parts:    A) We ask.    B) It is given.   C) We receive it.   Usually we fail to receive it, and also fail to perceive that is was ourselves who were the missing link in the process of manifestation.”Blaming God” when we don’t get what we want is eternal lameness.”God” dwells in each of us, so we are really only unknowingly blaming ourselves. Let’s get used to it.
  6. We fail to receive it because we don’t love ourselves as much as the incoming love which creates EVERYTHING. We fail to feel worthy.  We fail to believe this is how it all works. We don’t receive what we want because the very nature of the vibration of wanting is a denial of belief that it is already being delivered. We don’t BELIEVE we are actually always being given what our heart-mind asks for.
  7. If we ask with our fear driven ego mind, with the heart disengaged from  the full creative harmonics of love, not receiving what we ask for should not come as a surprise. Many worldly institutions promote our limiting fears, particularly the false belief that there is a higher power judging us.  A most harmful belief. Or just imagine the “unfair” challenge of being born to parents who wanted a child of the of the “other” sex. This is only experienced by countless millions of beings with unconscious parents!
  8. Most of us are actually better at giving love on some level  than we are at receiving it. We’ve all loved at least a kitten, or puppy, or child, and possibly even other adult humans. That ability is the tip of the iceberg ( more of a sunberg) of the magic power we all possess as creators. Tap into it and expand it. PRACTISE it consciously. Practice absolute reverent adoring love on anything within your influence (which is everything). It is an absolutely essential life skill.
  9. Practice it on YOURSELF, but don’t succumb to the common inclination to confuse attachment and fear of loss with Love.
  10. Then you will begin to receive that which is already yours. Perhaps you will begin to believe it.
  11. ALL reality is manifest by our multi-level belief system- particularly our subconscious programming. It takes present consciousness to override this. And usually many lifetimes of practice. One fully clear present moment can do the same thing. Very few come equipped with that power of focus. Divine truth is that “there is great value in ALL experience.”

Catch 22 of Spiritual Awakening


Pitcher Plants and Prayer Flags

Joseph Heller’s iconic novel by this name captured the spirit or essence of the sort of paradoxical irony that might be encapsulated in the phrase: “you can’t get there from here…”

The human race is in a spiritual catch 22. The entire seeking of enlightenment (by those who seek), the entire process of awakening into our divinity, and the fulfillment of prophecy, are challenged by “you can’t get there from here”.

Of course we CAN get there from here, but where ARE we?  Most of us are not living in the place we must be in order to evolve: We are not living in the moment. And don’t realize it. Most live more in the past, but some in the future, and many both; just not in the divine flow of the NOW.

It all comes back to the Law of Attraction. If we are channel surfing our way through world chaos we are surfing in the wrong ocean. If we want to evolve as loving beings, we must immerse ourselves in the idea that love holds the universe together, and that  we must choose to swim in THAT ocean, by first loving ourselves so we are actually ABLE to love other things as Source does.

How do we jump the dam of self doubt and self sabotage? WANT TO. Better yet, CHOOSE to. There are countless self help teachers and books that are full of positive information. There is infinite material coming through media that energetically negates all that good advice, more by the frequency of the information than the “stories” themselves.

It may feel hopeless, but change comes a conscious choice at a time. Smile instead of frown. You just can’t be entirely sad while smiling. Learn to meditate. You don’t need to be religious to pray.  Just ask the loving universe for what you need. Anyone who says its easy is probably having a good day that day.

Happiness is not just a magical visitor that shows up one day for good. Every bit of love we put out, the more comes back. It may feel like trudging uphill through molasses in the dead of winter, but every step is a step.

Even hope is a choice, especially when we don’t see any.

Remember that in this New Paradigm, reality can change and dreams can manifest in the twinkling of an eye. The shellac of this world is an impermanent though compelling gloss with no less powerful an agenda for survival than our divine directive.

Yet  while the drive to survive is no less powerful, the forces on Earth that would have us believe we are doomed in some way, simply do not have the one thing that makes even THEM possible: Love. Even darkness serves the One Light.

The Catch 22 is how to take a “hopeless heart” and remind it of its greatest power, the power that created, connects, and sustains all things?

One day at a time, one thoughtful act at a time, one prayer, one smile, one decision not to watch something horrible on TV.

I cannot convince you how beloved you are, but you can. “God” is never somewhere else, but always within us.

So at least we don’t have to look far for where to start.

If you can’t think of anything else, go take a long walk in nature. Expose yourself to beauty. Do something nice for someone. Do something nice for yourself. Learning you ARE worth it is what it’s all about.


I came to the garden to clear my head.



Many Irises


Iris douglasiana, Pacific Coast Hybrids


Client’s yard in Sleepy Hollow



Growing up through a red Lace leaf Japanese Maple in Sleepy Hollow.


Dutch Iris


Tall Bearded Iris


Dutch Iris in a client’s yard


Tall bearded Iris at Edenlight; a tetraploid hybrid.


The same flower as above with a pretty serious look on her face. Goddess of both Peace and the Rainbow (she expresses in all colors), Iris was the first of her kind to speak to me directly. When I wrote the words,”World Peace”, and adorned the Peace shrine with minerals honoring our 7 primary chakras, I heard this clear direct statement: “I AM IRIS”. Of course I wanted to hear more, and did, when I was ready.

What Do We All Want?

The operative word here is ‘all’. OK; words:  and ‘we’,also.  The problem is the ‘want’ part.  We shouldn’t still be ‘wanting’.

This is a most relevant bit of histrionics. In the emerging paradigm of quantum awareness, wanting only means we haven’t the faith in our own divinity to manifest what we want. So we remain Wanting.

Picture the difference between Wanting and Having.  Are these called present participles?  If so, one of them isn’t present. (The Wanting one). The Law of Attraction overlooks nothing:  Vibrate “Having”, and having it will be. Resonate with “Wanting” and that is how the reality shall continue to manifest like a bad Groundhog Day.

I can’t guess what you all want, but if you were open to suggestions, I would strongly recommend that if you don’t love yourself you change that first. ONE: No one has a valid excuse not to love  themselves. It is probably OK to be disappointed in ourselves and then get over it because we know how much we are loved. THERE IS NO OUTER JUDGEMENT.  We are so beloved, that not to appreciate it in kind is really being disrespectful, kind of like looking a gift horse in the mouth.  To say all has been forgiven is an over statement, for we were never condemned but by our own sense of needs, and deeds.

TWO: Once the self love requisite is under control, centrifuge it out to everyone and everything. Then you will start to come into divine balance. Nature will start to dig the heck out of you. You don’t need the heck anyhow.

THREE: Make the first two easier by embracing the concept  – the truth – that we are infinitely fractal, and yet always part of everything; of one another. Combined then with All That Is, we are collectively what gets called, and misunderstood, as God. Our greatly increased empathy, or universal sensitivity, since the early 70’s, has put us only a step away from quantum change. If you hadn’t noticed; we are deeply into the shift. Some of the chaos is essential to breaking ancient illusional inertia.

FOUR: Want everything to always be a win-win. This is way better than all the arbitrary limitations and exceptions we’ve been enamored with out of fear. If we can still imagine someone getting harmed we are not good movie directors.

FIVE: Believe that happiness, peace, health, and total well being are appropriate for Everyone, not only an elect small percentage. That pretty much rules out usury, slavery, and selfishness in general.

SIX: Accept and cooperate with The Creator that is in our DNA: the 10 strands of divine “junk”, making a total of 12, not 2. We are chock full of divinity right now. We ARE each , literally , the center of the universe. One that loves us unconditionally. It really doesn’t matter where you think your inner God resides, just so you don’t try to think of it as something outside of or separate in any way from you.

If you are saying; “That doesn’t remind me of what I thought I wanted”, that is very astute. This list is more what we are being given,  so that we grow into the beings who automatically “have” what we would have formerly wanted. AND, there are way too many things to “have” to list anywhere anyhow.


This Camphor wood  Spirit Doll’s name is JOY

In the opening sentence I said that ‘we’, ‘all’, and ‘want’ were the operative words. It has truly been so; kind of like operating in the dark.

Now, the CO-operative words, and note the distinction, are: “We All Have”. By its very cooperative nature, once a critical mass of consciousness has been reached, the results will be unprecedented in terms of the far reaching effects of a whole civilization becoming enlightened – especially considering how touch and go our spiritual history of mutual abuse has been. All other dimensional realities will benefit as well. It is our big purpose.

Yes, it will take some getting used to.

But not much, once freed from the bonds of”self”.

Journal notes from late 2014

  1. P1410485

    Love grounding Minerals:  1.When we learn to love ourselves, and everything else around us, regardless of dimensionality,  with no ego-static veneers or membranes creating separations between our sense of self and its infinite “other ” aspects, there will be no reason to finish this sentence…


    The Love Grounding Engine Portal

2.  The spiritual journey is entirely personal. There are plenty of guides, guidelines, and guide posts along the way, but the success of the journey depends completely upon one’s personal rapport with creation. Sometimes one must step out of their comfort zone of either avoidance, or over imitation. The proper words are often not enough. It is a truly serious CHOICE.

3.  Pain avoidance;  calculated pain avoidance gives pain way too much credit, and  still doesn’t work. If you’ve ever heard how the Law of attraction works… it then becomes easy to confuse the concerted avoidance as “the deliberate seeking of essential discomfort”.

4.  On the scale of critical mass;  Relate to nature with respect and gratitude,  and the miraculous results can mean naught but a rapport with Source. Give it all the different names you want, including God, Divine, Tao, Supreme Mother/Father, Allah, or your own God within: it’s all the same. Joyful thankfulness for ALL that is, guarantees a “Heaven” paradigm. It is a most liberated (and poorly tolerated by the world at large) form of being conscious that is not yet shared by enough of us to tip the scales of awakening for the entire planet…. but it is coming faster and faster…

5.  The Full Vessel: Too much remembered, accrued knowledge can serve like a thick fluffy (or itchy) insulation blanket against free channeling all the wisdom and miraculous manifestation only accessed in the now; in the moment. If you are afraid you will miss something essential to your well being if a fact or news or sound byte slips by you, you have already missed something larger than any fact.  But is that a fact?

6.  One of the First Fruits: of awakening is to be able to see the spirit behind the material. The material then takes on a radiant beauty not seen by those with common surface tunnel vision. This perceived glow of consciousness is absent from no part of creation;  only from our observation.  Even darkness carries the sacred shadow of The Great Central  Sun, which is the nuclear core of all the love in our particular multiverse.

7. SIN, one of my very favorite topics:  Way too much frightening and spirit destroying emphasis has been placed upon this word which basically means a lack of something, not a sentence to go suffer even more. Well,duh. Clearly when you are harming yourself or someone else you are lacking compassion, and good sense,  at the very least. This generally creates a rather immediate hell of disfunction, especially as Grace has provided us a new paradigm of instant karma- replacing much of the accrued stuff.

8.  If everyone who sinned went to hell, well there just wouldn’t be anyone left to frighten, particularly those who use the word to do just that. It is really all the word “sin” is good for. So overusing it is about as “sinful” as one can get. Besides, there wouldn’t be enough people left to populate heaven, and I don’t believe that is what “God” is up to.

9. Rewarding Projection:  There is an especially monotonous and oily place in Heaven prepared for those who wag their tongues and fingers at their fellow sinners.

10.  Temptation:  Evidently resisting every possible temptation is not required to awaken, but being selective is probably rather important.

11.  These are exceptionally intense times of transformation. Every atom of creation in all dimensions shall ring at a higher frequency of evolved love. Much that seemed impossible shall be self evident in its believable solidity; yet something more and something less.

12.  Friendliness.:  I  have yet to have a conversation with a plant, animal, rock , or any spirit for that matter, that has left me with hurt feelings or resentment of any kind. ( Although I continue to be somewhat surprised and delighted that I can communicate with them at all). This is not always true within the insecure chaos of human consciousness.

More Karma Moffett

Last evening I immersed myself in one of Karma’s “sound baths” at the beautiful Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. Although he has brought his magic to Edenlight a handful of times, it has never been with his full array of sacred instruments. Nor was last night; Karma said he had to leave out the Long horns and various musical treasures for lack of time and space. It was not the appropriate time or place to explain to him that time and space are illusions.  There is a good chance he already knows…

His world class collection of bells and bowls was selected over many years from more than  5000 Tibetan brass bowls.

In 1975 the 16th Karmapa gave Karma his Buddhist name, which he carries well. The 17th Karmapa is the the current spiritual head of the Buddhist world, and His Holiness The Dalai Lama is the political figurehead.

Karma does not call himself a sound healer, a term he believes is overused. In true humility he understands that he does not do the healing. He is the Bell Ringer opening his audience to recognize and receive their own unique divine frequency within which we might all heal ourselves.

Personally, I enjoy his innovative keyboard music as much as anything I’ve ever heard. His ’74 red Volvo wagon is a traveling Karma juke box of mystical music.

Many who have meditated for years have done so to Karma’s music.  Last night was a 2 hour sound  journey with Tibetan bells, bowls, chimes, cymbals, gongs, horn, conchs, and an opening up with a Native American flute.

It was Easter Sunday.


He did bring one “short” Lhasa Long horn


Some of Karma’s conchs, 3 million year old Himalayan fossils, and a spectacular collection of antique instruments. Someone has since responded that they aren’t that old. I will find out…