Dark Roasted Pecans

I started listening to a Banjo Hall of Fame CD, and burned the pecans I was roasting over the gazebo’s fire pit. The black highlights were mostly visual as the plump perfect halves of sublime nut meat were maybe what you’d call dark roasted, but delicious; not the slightest taint of crow. No hint of blackberry either. Pecans are Carya, as are Hickory nuts, but much easier to shell. So if you have a hankering for wild hickory nuts, get some pecans and pretend.

My brother Tim hand shelled them on his 125 acre pecan farm that meanders along a mile and a half of the Rio Grande, in Mesquite, New Mexico. A nicely painted sign by the front door proudly announces: “Home of the Big Nuts”. Burning the tumbleweeds clogging his irrigation ditches can be fun if you can run fast enough.

It was “The Twelfth Street Rag” by Don Reno and Arthur Smith that burned the pecans, just as The Osborne Brothers were coming on next. Which is a perfect segue to mention that my other brother, Randy, once took banjo lessons from Sonny Osborne back in Dayton ,Ohio. Randy actually has wild hickory nuts, (3 varieties)  on his farm on The Chesapeake Bay. Oyster beds too.

What a small world. It is a good thing there are plenty more of them. My pecans are getting a little low, though.IMG_1916


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