The New Paradigm



Detail of First and Second Chakras of the Iris World Peace Shrine at Edenlight

The New Paradigm, or New Reality, is all the buzz these days. Unfortunately most of the buzz is being drowned out by the ongoing onslaught of old paradigm world events. Oh, well, this  was and is to be expected. Few old orders are willing to bow out gracefully. The fact the we have memories at all slows the process down as well. If you have heard rumors to the effect that our planet is ascending, you have not mis heard. The new energetics are already in place.

The proactive intention from Source and the millions of years of careful planning and event manipulation on our behalf is that human kind shall metamorph as well. We are part of Earth. Any separation at this point would be quite deflating.

Signs and symptoms that this is happening are everywhere. Though you can’t see it; (even the scientists can’t see it), it is happening in our DNA. Especially within the 95% -97% of what they are starting to NOT call our “junk” DNA. They shouldn’t call it that anyway, because that is where our Divinity and infinite miraculous abilities are programmed into our being as well as our history.

Whether we yet perceive it or not, some of the benefits of our new frequency is that it opens us to a whole range of harmonics never before available in this form; not even in the archetypal Garden of Eden.

An important mechanical aspect delivering us from the illusion of time and space, which has largely provided our fear based learning curve, is the thinning and dissolution of the energetic “veil” between our compelling sense of self with its inherent illusion of separateness, and the infinite multiverse of always interconnected possibility.

The more who recognize and work with this new freedom, the sooner its inevitable contagion shall infuse the general population with its truth.

This truth is manifesting with increased Third Eye (5th Chakra) activity, more psychic abilities, a greater understanding of the magic in our unity, a higher degree of love (the founding principle of creation) connecting all beings, increased trust and respect, the ability to heal and self heal, and all of it in synch with our awakening hearts that are also learning to perceive and receive with love. Something we have not been very good at.

DIVERSITY shall be perceived as not only natural, but essential to all well being. Anyone left out tends to negate the overall magic of unconditional love – which includes respect and acceptance of ALL life. Totality means everyone. A  fraudulent “exclusivist” “totality” is obviously oxymoronic, even if you omit the oxy. It is as phony as the idea of culling out “inferior ” people to create a “Master Race”. Actually, Source, in cooperation with many off (and on) Earth life forms and consciousness has done just that, and called us mankind. And this agenda is not phony at all, for no one is excluded.

This emerging into the other side of the historic, psychological, and purely energetic curtain, where we’ve never been sure if the boogey men were on our side or the other unseen side, translates as our waking up from the long racial sleep dream. It has been a most lucid dream, you know: the kind you would would swear was real… It is interesting how the things we consider so real and solid here simply cannot be taken along into the dream which makes it all possible…

However, as WE squeeze through the eye of the needle, we find that everything that really matters not only comes with us: we find that”s all there is.


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