Saving Edenlight

I bring this up from time to time, because one of the in the moment reasons to have this blog at all is to not only share the miracle that Edenlight represents, but to spread the message that The Magic Garden is in imminent danger of being sold, as the owner needs the money. There is an offer already,  in excess of my available funds.The urgency now is down to a matter of weeks.


Jesus can fix anything


Karma can play anything.


Edenlight’s Fifth Chakra, beneath Joy, the Monterey Pine



Group photo including plant, animal, and mineral spirits.:Mexican yellow onyx, owl totem, Aeschylus californica( California Buckeye), and possible human sighting.

Miracles, however, is what Edenlight is all about. Sympathetic parties – many of them brand new friends who recognize the garden’s global significance, – are rallying to raise the funds. An inspired promotional video is being produced right now, by folks who are at the cutting edge of virtual reality filming. Today is the third consecutive day that film crews are in the garden for this purpose.

The hope is to have it up and running by week’s end, so that it links both to this blog , as well as Facebook.

Blessing to all who are helping.

Blessings to all.


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