Neither photo shows classic fractal components, but it’s there.



Detail of “Trillium Tree of The New Dawn”

For our 3D mind to wrap its limited number of fingers around the infinite quality of creation – which does include all the ramifications of the nature of infinity – it helps to allow the same fingers to massage what FRACTAL means.

Fractal is one little word that attempts to convey the self- expanding and self replicating process of so many aspects of the multiverse. Never mind that it is also a fractal hierarchy of consciousness which effects the specifics of how this might look, and more importantly: FEEL.

The branching of trees, shore lines and vast waterways seen from the air, population growth, the arrangement of particles, and even thoughts, have fractal qualities. Romanesque broccoli is a classic vegetable demonstration of 3D fractalism, with its nubs upon nubs of chartreuse florets in ever reducing repetitious projections  of its own shape. It almost looks like computer generated sacred geometry, but the chlorophyl isn’t hypothetical.

We are each fractal extensions of the nature and manifestation of creation. It is in the grand design, which continues to be self creating – ever outward. You might just as well say ever inward, for it is at the very least that complex.

The coolest part to this is that our own creator abilities are no longer being restricted for the purpose of our souls’ educational evolution. We need to get down to work and get used to this. The old paradigm is gone but some ways yet from being forgotten. The veil is gone, and and we are now allowed –  if not encouraged – to express our unique selves, and create absolutely infinite personal realities. An important first step is to give ourselves permission and not be limited by the very powerful old paradigm fears and judgements which have always been our own creation.

When Jesus said he came to do away with the old Law, the kind written in books, he was referring to this new freedom, whereby the “law”, which is simply unlimited self-generating love, is now written in our hearts. Two thousand years ago was barely a blink in human history, but the biggest blink yet.

Although I can”t quite put one of my little fingers on it, this last 100 years or 50 years or 5 years of technological  “advances” is something like a fractal compression of time, space, and events to funnel us into the Aquarian Age of human enlightenment. The forces that would oppose this evolution of consciousness are ever present – but they have HAD their day.

Now we stop reacting to fear and ignorance of our natural divinity, and radiate our own God being nature.

Or live in the past as we have for so long.  I don’t advocate worrying, but that would be a good reason.


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