NOTHING NEW, But Much Eternal


The black stone is Nuumiit, the oldest known mineral on Earth; about 4 billion years as we measure time. The triangle is Galaxyite, a rare mineral made of micro crystals of Labradorite.The 2 gems are Diamond and Emerald. There are 3 sets of these atop black Basalt columns surrounding The Trillium Portal at Edenlight. It is where the 2 Ley lines cross at right angles. The Etheric and the Elemental have no conflict here!

That which the human race is now learning is nothing new. We are beginning the wholesale, pressure – of – love building, Remembering, which has been buried deep beneath the ego’s reaction to past and present lives’ trauma.

But it is not deep any more. It is not nearly so permanently entrenched as our core divinity.

By Grace, and I am not prepared to clearly explain what that means, the old karmic law has been lifted. This does not mean it’s now OK to be a jerk.

To enjoy the new paradigm, it is hugely helpful to experience sincere gratitude, and self love,  which puts us close to Source vibration.

Not being prepared to explain Grace is partly a rebellion against the need to do so. In our dimensional situation, I place Grace at the top of the sacred hierarchy of Benevolence and Compassion.

It is a marvelous set of frequencies to emulate.


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