Our Greatest Gift


Triptych of 2 x 2 Chinese sandstone squares. The effect is a multi dimensional land, sea, and skyscape. When you stand before it, the sense of depth  is not unlike your inner spirit asking you to come in out of the outer illusion: The point of this entire blog.

An entirely under marketed asset  that all would be well advised to invest in, sweat long and hard for, buy, create, steal – whatever it takes – is self knowledge without the “self” part. OK, don’t do anything illegal as that may have a damaging to the karma drawback, such as why you aren’t already enlightened in the first place.

We have long been sold a bill of goods, usually by religious institutions, that tells us we are basically bad, and then given man made rules to follow or we will go to this terrifying invention they called hell when we die. etc., etc., etc.

The word Heretic was invented to frighten people into obeying dogma.

That was our old paradigm education. We all learned it well enough to make us a reasonably schizophrenic race of beings attempting to evolve while  essentially being told that we are unworthy of being what we’re made to be: OURSELVES.

Here are the steps to recovering the lost gift, which was never lost; we only forgot that it  can’t be taken away. But we CAN be deceived into giving it away, because that’s about all we’ve learned to do.

  1.  Give yourself permission to be your own special unique joyful self, using ALL of your DNA. The key to unlocking this is something called belief. This also gets described as faith, which is just a pure “knowing” form of belief. Even “knowing” is something we must give ourselves permission to do. Believe this, please. If you are not joyful, you are no doubt living within an illusion that is fear based; a place where all creative processes are blighted and mutated. If you are not joyful, you are separated from your true nature, and by that illusory, and always incomplete, sense of “self’.

2.    Practise who you are. BE who you are, and learn the divine benefits of self love. Learn the miraculous benefits of embracing your own Divinity. This has never been properly encouraged, as it makes us rather less controllable.

Much unhappiness only arises when we are not in synch with our own unique soul purpose, and the enlightened sense of being, and well being, which this allows. When we succeed at loving ourselves – largely by figuring out that there is no God created reason not to-  and at receiving love, and then able to love everything else naturally and impersonally, happiness is the only flavor of the end product. And this end product is absolutely unique to every last individual.

If we are trying to imitate someone, we’re already on the wrong boat. To adopt someone else’s ability to embody unconditional love might be the only exception. If we are hectically trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, which is usually a family thing at first, then we are on another sinking vessel,  for we are still failing to receive the 2 way connection with Source that is the only thing  capable of granting us true freedom, liberation, happiness.

All of our reality is a CO- Operation. Alone we are chaotic free radicals getting into “trouble.” If you have a religion that allows you to embrace your own divinity without fear of ridicule,  then you have a very good religion, and should keep it. If your religion generates so much as a drop of fear as to who you are or what happens upon death then you are within that enormous club of the deceived.

If you don’t like what’s going on on this planet, you may at least begin to understand why. Don’t worry about it.  When we are one with the God within we are essentially invulnerable to all other illusory realities. Because that’s all they are, regardless of how real and terrifying they appear to be.

Forget the word “impossible’.

Miracles are happening right now.


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