The Primary Option

Each time we reject love as our primary option, choosing a fear based selfish thought and action instead, we place ourselves, as well as the entire human race, at the exact location in the Zero Point of the Quantum Field which matches the actual or potential frequency influence which has obstructed our racial awakening for so long.

We are always part of the entire human race, and part of everything else as well.

Our thoughts and actions at this exact moment are the only ones that count.

Get over yesterday. Including who you were yesterday,  if love was not your primary choice of existence.

Be love today.

If you actually tried that, you found it wasn’t so hard, and it actually felt a lot better than all the common alternatives.

You will notice the difference, and so will everyone else.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?.  (We’ve all done it at some point and know what it FEELS like.  Just remember it.)

Don’t complicate it.


Most Precious One Khenpo Tsewang Rigzin Rinpoche performing The Mountain of Burnt Offerings Blessing at Edenlight last evening. The modern lama (teacher) with a modern prayer book; the Sutras don’t blow away in the wind!

That has already been tried in every way imaginable. Some would have you believe it is caused by an outside influence called the Devil. The choice however only occurs within each of us on this planet of free will and pure miracle potential.

There are many consciousness challenging programs running full bore around us, and they certainly influence us.

But our will is still entirely free. Nothing can possibly protect us more than choosing the primary frequency of our Collective Source.


An imminent Tibetan Lama hugging the hugging tree.  You can never know when to expect such a blessing to appear!



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