Garden Status Update

For the past week and half I was led to believe that a financial “angel” was going to make the purchase of Edenlight and the adjacent supporting property possible and immediate. I completely bought the scenario as the awaited miracle. Embarrassingly it was not. My mystical gifts do not include mind reading so I lost extremely valuable time being lulled into premature gratitude. A party I had found very believable and sympathetic ( he camped at Edenlight for a week!) has disappeared with the promised illusion.

So the need for an immediate miracle of approximately 1.5 million dollars is very real.  Those who were working to help are reactivated and moving ahead. But there is so little time before they begin evicting me – so that Edenlight can be bulldozed for a fancy home site. It seems to me and others that Edenlight’s Heaven Grounding energetics are more important.

I built the Spiritual Field of Dreams, and they have come, from many dimensions, including Earth. If there is someone out there with a big heart as well as pocket book, I would love to hear from you now. My email is:

Edenlight’s fate is a matter of maybe a week now. The owner needs to sell, and I would like him, who was a friend for many years, to come out with the money he needs.

If you are able to help, please know it is not just about land and money. It is about The New Earth transition. There is nowhere on Earth that this prophecy is more alive and expanding into us all.

The dream is to preserve Edenlight in perpetuity. The New Earth will be here a while, and the garden is not finished offering up sacred surprises.



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