Jesus Is Not Alone


Most Precious One Khenpo Tsewang Rigzin Rinpoche. This “runaway” Tibetan monk  is producing the modern language version of Buddhism.  Jesus and Buddha stand in the same sunlight. My new friend who tells me I may call him Tsewang, has lived in a cave for at least 8 years, memorized all the buddhist texts in Sanskrit, and would like to come live at Edenlight with me. We’ll see. I can think of far less pleasant possibilities.



Checking out “The Pillars of Heaven and Earth”. Looking about the garden at the various shrines and vortices, and finally the gazebo (my cave), he repeatedly asked: “Who are you?” To keep it uncomplicated,  I always answered: Brian. I believe he was expecting Melchizidek.


Smelling the Lilacs

Thomas Merton had the dream of reconciling the religions of the East and West. So do Tsewang and I. This is not presumptuous.  It is imperative.

While Jesus fully embodies the loving core of Source, The Cristos, he is not the only one. This love magic is for all to share, and many have chosen this path. Jesus indeed gave his all. But Buddha got it too. Mohammed got it in his own cave. Some of his followers have  missed the core of what loving God (Allah) is all about. But so have most members of all religions.

The Cristos denies no heart’s love. It is THE gift of gifts. It is free to take, except you don’t have to take it; it is already within everyone.

The Tree of Life has many branches, and many roots. Never does one root or one branch kill another of its own roots or branches.

There is not one among us that is not part of that same tree.


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