The Saving of Edenlight


This is the photo of Edenlight, that more than any other single factor, has helped to preserve and promote my belief in miracles. I show it every chance I get, as proof of other dimensional consciousness going to bat for us.  She gave me her name several years before this photo on 1/1/2013, at 1:30 am. She IS the Goddess of the Garden.


Balanced Yin / Yang Portal at the center of Edenlight


The story of Edenlight’s rescue from the bulldozer  is as classic as the Nature of the garden herself.

During the more than a third of a year That I felt there was a gun to my head to vacate 25 years of sacred manifestations, lots of things happened that only made me grow. The emotional, mental, visceral, and in recent weeks, physical pain, represented an unwanted but effective crucible of spiritual endurance.  Though I would hear repeatedly that everything was going to be fine, I would frequently default to the 3D fears prompted by pressure from the seller, the seller’s realtor in particular, and the very apparent lack of funds. Add the 25 years of building Edenlight without owning the land, while believing somehow She was going to be safe, and you have the perfect mortar and pestle of challenge and transformation. My guides continually professed that they were “pulling me through the eye of the needle”. This sounded like a friendly way to explain my unprecedented (in this life) suffering.

Some of my most effective self empowering prayers and mantras (see earlier blog posts) appeared on the exact days needed, and still hold up. They work for anyone.

Some dear friends advised me to hold this divine thought;” Thy will be done; if not this that I ask, then something better.” I aways cringed at the something better part. I felt (and know) that in this case the Divine did not want that to happen either, for hugely practical reasons regarding our planetary ascendance. The erasure of a standing miracle was not an option. In hindsight my friends’ advice was simply impeccable, and any resentment has vanished.

Edenlight has been growing her transcendent roots into the Earth for 25 years, at no randomly coincidental time in history, and with these roots the grounding of the 12 lower heavens. This is happening elsewhere, such as any time even one human heart opens to the brighter light of our unity. There are other etheric- elemental geopodes, but none like Edenlight, with the unprecedented distinction of being an umbilical to ALL the lower heavens. There is a more complex hierarchy to what we regard as physicality than we are generally aware of.

THE WORLD IN CHAOS right now (you don’t need to ask what I mean if you are alive) offers the perfect cosmic mechanics to catapult us out of ancient limitation, into the full shift of paradigm; that in which we vault virtually in the blink of an eye from 3D reactive fear based reality to the 12D radiant reality. This is not fantasy. THIS IS THE PLAN. Any other scripture you may adhere to, while perhaps sacred, is simply not up to date (especially if it still mentions sin and judgement). Nothing really bad, except for obstructing the Free Flowing Light of our Divinity.

It is exactly The Wrong Time to uproot a significant aspect of what is saving us from ourselves.

This shift has been planned and placed here outside of time. My own involvement is much the same, while managing a very human life simultaneously. I know We Are All One Being. My soul ties to those intricately involved in this cosmic screen play are ancient and strong.

Any interruption in Edenlight’s grounding of the star codes and rainbow light which are activating our 10 divine strands of DNA (the “junk”) right now, as well as reprogramming Gaia, was and is unthinkable, regardless of how intense the opposing challenge. Except by the forces that fear it.

That is the most simple version of the story. If you care to get Fractal, even I couldn’t keep up with the contributing and resulting factors.

One thing I do know: It Was and Is ONLY LOVE that makes any of it possible.

All deviations from love, well… we’ve done them all, especially the most devout of us. Because we are strong,  and if we are not Clear, and EVER holier than thou, standing in judgement of so much as one other being,  we are Dangerous.  There is no old model to imitate. We are Creators.



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