More Karma Moffett

Last evening I immersed myself in one of Karma’s “sound baths” at the beautiful Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. Although he has brought his magic to Edenlight a handful of times, it has never been with his full array of sacred instruments. Nor was last night; Karma said he had to leave out the Long horns and various musical treasures for lack of time and space. It was not the appropriate time or place to explain to him that time and space are illusions.  There is a good chance he already knows…

His world class collection of bells and bowls was selected over many years from more than  5000 Tibetan brass bowls.

In 1975 the 16th Karmapa gave Karma his Buddhist name, which he carries well. The 17th Karmapa is the the current spiritual head of the Buddhist world, and His Holiness The Dalai Lama is the political figurehead.

Karma does not call himself a sound healer, a term he believes is overused. In true humility he understands that he does not do the healing. He is the Bell Ringer opening his audience to recognize and receive their own unique divine frequency within which we might all heal ourselves.

Personally, I enjoy his innovative keyboard music as much as anything I’ve ever heard. His ’74 red Volvo wagon is a traveling Karma juke box of mystical music.

Many who have meditated for years have done so to Karma’s music.  Last night was a 2 hour sound  journey with Tibetan bells, bowls, chimes, cymbals, gongs, horn, conchs, and an opening up with a Native American flute.

It was Easter Sunday.


He did bring one “short” Lhasa Long horn


Some of Karma’s conchs, 3 million year old Himalayan fossils, and a spectacular collection of antique instruments. Someone has since responded that they aren’t that old. I will find out…




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