Journal notes from late 2014

  1. P1410485

    Love grounding Minerals:  1.When we learn to love ourselves, and everything else around us, regardless of dimensionality,  with no ego-static veneers or membranes creating separations between our sense of self and its infinite “other ” aspects, there will be no reason to finish this sentence…


    The Love Grounding Engine Portal

2.  The spiritual journey is entirely personal. There are plenty of guides, guidelines, and guide posts along the way, but the success of the journey depends completely upon one’s personal rapport with creation. Sometimes one must step out of their comfort zone of either avoidance, or over imitation. The proper words are often not enough. It is a truly serious CHOICE.

3.  Pain avoidance;  calculated pain avoidance gives pain way too much credit, and  still doesn’t work. If you’ve ever heard how the Law of attraction works… it then becomes easy to confuse the concerted avoidance as “the deliberate seeking of essential discomfort”.

4.  On the scale of critical mass;  Relate to nature with respect and gratitude,  and the miraculous results can mean naught but a rapport with Source. Give it all the different names you want, including God, Divine, Tao, Supreme Mother/Father, Allah, or your own God within: it’s all the same. Joyful thankfulness for ALL that is, guarantees a “Heaven” paradigm. It is a most liberated (and poorly tolerated by the world at large) form of being conscious that is not yet shared by enough of us to tip the scales of awakening for the entire planet…. but it is coming faster and faster…

5.  The Full Vessel: Too much remembered, accrued knowledge can serve like a thick fluffy (or itchy) insulation blanket against free channeling all the wisdom and miraculous manifestation only accessed in the now; in the moment. If you are afraid you will miss something essential to your well being if a fact or news or sound byte slips by you, you have already missed something larger than any fact.  But is that a fact?

6.  One of the First Fruits: of awakening is to be able to see the spirit behind the material. The material then takes on a radiant beauty not seen by those with common surface tunnel vision. This perceived glow of consciousness is absent from no part of creation;  only from our observation.  Even darkness carries the sacred shadow of The Great Central  Sun, which is the nuclear core of all the love in our particular multiverse.

7. SIN, one of my very favorite topics:  Way too much frightening and spirit destroying emphasis has been placed upon this word which basically means a lack of something, not a sentence to go suffer even more. Well,duh. Clearly when you are harming yourself or someone else you are lacking compassion, and good sense,  at the very least. This generally creates a rather immediate hell of disfunction, especially as Grace has provided us a new paradigm of instant karma- replacing much of the accrued stuff.

8.  If everyone who sinned went to hell, well there just wouldn’t be anyone left to frighten, particularly those who use the word to do just that. It is really all the word “sin” is good for. So overusing it is about as “sinful” as one can get. Besides, there wouldn’t be enough people left to populate heaven, and I don’t believe that is what “God” is up to.

9. Rewarding Projection:  There is an especially monotonous and oily place in Heaven prepared for those who wag their tongues and fingers at their fellow sinners.

10.  Temptation:  Evidently resisting every possible temptation is not required to awaken, but being selective is probably rather important.

11.  These are exceptionally intense times of transformation. Every atom of creation in all dimensions shall ring at a higher frequency of evolved love. Much that seemed impossible shall be self evident in its believable solidity; yet something more and something less.

12.  Friendliness.:  I  have yet to have a conversation with a plant, animal, rock , or any spirit for that matter, that has left me with hurt feelings or resentment of any kind. ( Although I continue to be somewhat surprised and delighted that I can communicate with them at all). This is not always true within the insecure chaos of human consciousness.


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