What Do We All Want?

The operative word here is ‘all’. OK; words:  and ‘we’,also.  The problem is the ‘want’ part.  We shouldn’t still be ‘wanting’.

This is a most relevant bit of histrionics. In the emerging paradigm of quantum awareness, wanting only means we haven’t the faith in our own divinity to manifest what we want. So we remain Wanting.

Picture the difference between Wanting and Having.  Are these called present participles?  If so, one of them isn’t present. (The Wanting one). The Law of Attraction overlooks nothing:  Vibrate “Having”, and having it will be. Resonate with “Wanting” and that is how the reality shall continue to manifest like a bad Groundhog Day.

I can’t guess what you all want, but if you were open to suggestions, I would strongly recommend that if you don’t love yourself you change that first. ONE: No one has a valid excuse not to love  themselves. It is probably OK to be disappointed in ourselves and then get over it because we know how much we are loved. THERE IS NO OUTER JUDGEMENT.  We are so beloved, that not to appreciate it in kind is really being disrespectful, kind of like looking a gift horse in the mouth.  To say all has been forgiven is an over statement, for we were never condemned but by our own sense of needs, and deeds.

TWO: Once the self love requisite is under control, centrifuge it out to everyone and everything. Then you will start to come into divine balance. Nature will start to dig the heck out of you. You don’t need the heck anyhow.

THREE: Make the first two easier by embracing the concept  – the truth – that we are infinitely fractal, and yet always part of everything; of one another. Combined then with All That Is, we are collectively what gets called, and misunderstood, as God. Our greatly increased empathy, or universal sensitivity, since the early 70’s, has put us only a step away from quantum change. If you hadn’t noticed; we are deeply into the shift. Some of the chaos is essential to breaking ancient illusional inertia.

FOUR: Want everything to always be a win-win. This is way better than all the arbitrary limitations and exceptions we’ve been enamored with out of fear. If we can still imagine someone getting harmed we are not good movie directors.

FIVE: Believe that happiness, peace, health, and total well being are appropriate for Everyone, not only an elect small percentage. That pretty much rules out usury, slavery, and selfishness in general.

SIX: Accept and cooperate with The Creator that is in our DNA: the 10 strands of divine “junk”, making a total of 12, not 2. We are chock full of divinity right now. We ARE each , literally , the center of the universe. One that loves us unconditionally. It really doesn’t matter where you think your inner God resides, just so you don’t try to think of it as something outside of or separate in any way from you.

If you are saying; “That doesn’t remind me of what I thought I wanted”, that is very astute. This list is more what we are being given,  so that we grow into the beings who automatically “have” what we would have formerly wanted. AND, there are way too many things to “have” to list anywhere anyhow.


This Camphor wood  Spirit Doll’s name is JOY

In the opening sentence I said that ‘we’, ‘all’, and ‘want’ were the operative words. It has truly been so; kind of like operating in the dark.

Now, the CO-operative words, and note the distinction, are: “We All Have”. By its very cooperative nature, once a critical mass of consciousness has been reached, the results will be unprecedented in terms of the far reaching effects of a whole civilization becoming enlightened – especially considering how touch and go our spiritual history of mutual abuse has been. All other dimensional realities will benefit as well. It is our big purpose.

Yes, it will take some getting used to.

But not much, once freed from the bonds of”self”.


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