Catch 22 of Spiritual Awakening


Pitcher Plants and Prayer Flags

Joseph Heller’s iconic novel by this name captured the spirit or essence of the sort of paradoxical irony that might be encapsulated in the phrase: “you can’t get there from here…”

The human race is in a spiritual catch 22. The entire seeking of enlightenment (by those who seek), the entire process of awakening into our divinity, and the fulfillment of prophecy, are challenged by “you can’t get there from here”.

Of course we CAN get there from here, but where ARE we?  Most of us are not living in the place we must be in order to evolve: We are not living in the moment. And don’t realize it. Most live more in the past, but some in the future, and many both; just not in the divine flow of the NOW.

It all comes back to the Law of Attraction. If we are channel surfing our way through world chaos we are surfing in the wrong ocean. If we want to evolve as loving beings, we must immerse ourselves in the idea that love holds the universe together, and that  we must choose to swim in THAT ocean, by first loving ourselves so we are actually ABLE to love other things as Source does.

How do we jump the dam of self doubt and self sabotage? WANT TO. Better yet, CHOOSE to. There are countless self help teachers and books that are full of positive information. There is infinite material coming through media that energetically negates all that good advice, more by the frequency of the information than the “stories” themselves.

It may feel hopeless, but change comes a conscious choice at a time. Smile instead of frown. You just can’t be entirely sad while smiling. Learn to meditate. You don’t need to be religious to pray.  Just ask the loving universe for what you need. Anyone who says its easy is probably having a good day that day.

Happiness is not just a magical visitor that shows up one day for good. Every bit of love we put out, the more comes back. It may feel like trudging uphill through molasses in the dead of winter, but every step is a step.

Even hope is a choice, especially when we don’t see any.

Remember that in this New Paradigm, reality can change and dreams can manifest in the twinkling of an eye. The shellac of this world is an impermanent though compelling gloss with no less powerful an agenda for survival than our divine directive.

Yet  while the drive to survive is no less powerful, the forces on Earth that would have us believe we are doomed in some way, simply do not have the one thing that makes even THEM possible: Love. Even darkness serves the One Light.

The Catch 22 is how to take a “hopeless heart” and remind it of its greatest power, the power that created, connects, and sustains all things?

One day at a time, one thoughtful act at a time, one prayer, one smile, one decision not to watch something horrible on TV.

I cannot convince you how beloved you are, but you can. “God” is never somewhere else, but always within us.

So at least we don’t have to look far for where to start.

If you can’t think of anything else, go take a long walk in nature. Expose yourself to beauty. Do something nice for someone. Do something nice for yourself. Learning you ARE worth it is what it’s all about.


I came to the garden to clear my head.




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