A Useful Mantra or Prayer:



Signs in the garden to prepare you to prepare for the prayer:


  1. It’s always a choice; every single second.
  2. We must begin with the RECEIVING part, for the love that creates and sustains us has been around a whole lot longer than any of our current life streams, AND INFINITELY LONGER THAN OUR TRANSIENT FEARS.When we consciously accept this we have established the first step in living in cosmic balance.
  3. If we don’t choose love over fear, fear will insinuate itself as our default guidance system every time. The world is chock full of all the things we’ve been taught and become accustomed to fear. The battle of light and darkness is not a joke or simple whimsy. In the duality system we live in, it is what gives us our soul honing experiences. However we only get honed by Not resisting the darkness, but by embracing the light from which even the dark is an instructive aspect.
  4. We  embrace the darkness paradoxically by focusing only on the light that makes it all possible. We can only do this by generating love; by generating love that harmonizes with the love we are always being lit with.
  5. Remember that manifesting our reality happens in Three Parts:    A) We ask.    B) It is given.   C) We receive it.   Usually we fail to receive it, and also fail to perceive that is was ourselves who were the missing link in the process of manifestation.”Blaming God” when we don’t get what we want is eternal lameness.”God” dwells in each of us, so we are really only unknowingly blaming ourselves. Let’s get used to it.
  6. We fail to receive it because we don’t love ourselves as much as the incoming love which creates EVERYTHING. We fail to feel worthy.  We fail to believe this is how it all works. We don’t receive what we want because the very nature of the vibration of wanting is a denial of belief that it is already being delivered. We don’t BELIEVE we are actually always being given what our heart-mind asks for.
  7. If we ask with our fear driven ego mind, with the heart disengaged from  the full creative harmonics of love, not receiving what we ask for should not come as a surprise. Many worldly institutions promote our limiting fears, particularly the false belief that there is a higher power judging us.  A most harmful belief. Or just imagine the “unfair” challenge of being born to parents who wanted a child of the of the “other” sex. This is only experienced by countless millions of beings with unconscious parents!
  8. Most of us are actually better at giving love on some level  than we are at receiving it. We’ve all loved at least a kitten, or puppy, or child, and possibly even other adult humans. That ability is the tip of the iceberg ( more of a sunberg) of the magic power we all possess as creators. Tap into it and expand it. PRACTISE it consciously. Practice absolute reverent adoring love on anything within your influence (which is everything). It is an absolutely essential life skill.
  9. Practice it on YOURSELF, but don’t succumb to the common inclination to confuse attachment and fear of loss with Love.
  10. Then you will begin to receive that which is already yours. Perhaps you will begin to believe it.
  11. ALL reality is manifest by our multi-level belief system- particularly our subconscious programming. It takes present consciousness to override this. And usually many lifetimes of practice. One fully clear present moment can do the same thing. Very few come equipped with that power of focus. Divine truth is that “there is great value in ALL experience.”

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