Edenlight’s MAGIC

No small portion of the magic building at Edenlight over the past 25 years can be attributed to her quiet personna – although at the moment she is about to erupt into her annual peak of a screaming color celebration. The best rose exhibition of the year is promised by burgeoning buds (mostly without aphis) in shrub, tree, and climbing forms  throughout the enchanted acre. She is already showing off exquisitely, and perhaps because she is female, loves to change her mandalic United Nations of Plants wardrobe virtually on a daily basis.Not to be left unacknowledged are the energetic contributions of the no less sacred sprits from the animal and mineral realm – especially the avian, cetacean and Silicon dioxide energies.

If Iris is the Goddess of Peace and The Rainbow, Edenlight shines the same transformative light directly into the conveniently intersecting gridwork of Mother Earth which underlays her tapestry of shrines, altars, vortices, portals, and deep roots.

There is no intention of changing her powerfully reverent and illuminating serenity into a circus of pseudo-spirituality. Edenlight’s healing, heaven grounding magic is in Nature. The plants (now a small forest), the boulders and gems, the art, birds, and ancient Earth energies long worshipped on this site in Indian Valley by the Native Americans, all resonate in natural harmony. Cell service is so poor here, that while temporally inconvenient, one of Edenlight’s invisible secrets is her low level  of  microwaves and EMF’s – energies which inhibit our natural ability to awaken.


The Rose: “California Dreamin’ “


This little guy was regaling the garden with his ribbit bubble throat last evening among the Sarracenias.

Places like Sedona, Arizona have been seriously compromised by commercialism. The sweetest magic of Sedona has actually relocated itself to a little visited area of Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction. The mission is that Edenlight be preserved in perpetuity for the common well being, and not exploited and ruined like so many sacred places before her.

So be it.

Much gratitude to those whose generosity and love are contributing to the acquisition of Edenlight’s land.


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