We Never Fell



These orbs in the night sky over Edenlight are testimony to the rich multidimensionality of consciousness; of life. These are not the stars from which we are made,  or are they?


Orbs and light energy patterns with a regular digital/ flash camera. This is part of us too.

We never fell.  We have in fact done a good job of going down that rabbit hole some would like to call original sin.  It did a wonderful job keeping us ignorant of our individual divinity for a long long time.  Being scared is not a frequency that is in any way harmonic with Creation’s naturally allowing state. Yet fear has been institutionally orchestrated, and we have even embraced it.

We never fell.  Reality is not linear, as time and space are illusory.  We were created and we evolved. As we are ALL God, it is rather easily argued that we have created ourselves.  Considering the creative resources available to us (Everything), it is not far fetched to consider that we have actually, in our own roundabout fractal way, astutely created histories, civilizations, and paradigm shifts that would make us the most awesome life form to yet occupy the multiverse. Without “experiences”, what do we have to compare ourselves with? I have heard in no uncertain terms from specifically Jesus, Buddha, and Source, that there is “Great value in All Experience”. Judgement doesn’t fit anywhere in that scenario.  Judgement is something we figured out how to do to one another, and perfected upon ourselves!

When we judge another being, or another life form, we are doing it to ourselves,  for there is nothing which is not essentially an intimate aspect of each of us. The “higher” and “lower” life forms are all mutually interconnected.  They are ALL part of our infinitely diverse common experience. Spiders, snails, wolves, badgers, cormorants, lemurs, humans, and alfalfa are but a few of the infinite expressions of Source Consciousness. See it as a magnificent collective fractal experience that you are the center of. It’s true.

We never fell.  Of course the apple is a metaphor for a choice we once made – NOT to look a gift horse (God) in the mouth, but rather to grow through our own priceless experiences.

Of course as we have wandered in the desert,  there have been our hawker selves along the way warning of a burning place of eternal suffering; anything Not just to frighten us from our experiencing our own divinity, but to help us grow into and fully appreciate the awesome miraculous gift that ANY and ALL life represents. Just wait until we we properly grasp our immortality.

We’re getting there!  Wait until you see us in our “confident” edition. (That’s what happens when we figure out the true nature of Faith).  Actually much of the universe is counting on this.



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