Sacred Suns and Planets


Friendly looking visitors in the night sky last week.

Mamma Earth feels our every state of being.. It should be pretty clear then,  that she is not oblivious to what we do to her. She is perhaps a bit aghast and perplexed by our careless management of her amazingly abundant, yet not infinite, assets and resources. We must count ourselves among these as well, and there is quite a long historical record of how we treat one another.

Mother Earth is an awesome conscious uber-creative multi-tasking loving maternal BEING. Father Sun is no less so, in more of a yang way.

To not believe so,  is at the very least to choose a path of awareness and interaction with ALL the loving aspects of the cosmos which support us, that is but a shallow shadow of its infinite co-creative potential. CARING is a big missing ingredient here. You can find ALL of Nature’s love in a single tree or dove if you interact as such.

Mamma Earth is highly alive, sorely challenged by our exploitive stewardship, yet keeps on loving us and providing ALL of our substance. She, by the way, is no less adept at receiving love when we give it (might we happen to do so), as she is in giving of her love to us. It is this reciprocity of love WHICH SHALL GROUND HEAVEN TO EARTH.

Known by many as Gaia, (sister iteration of Kwan Yin, Devi, Mary, Isis, Iris, Tara, and ALL divine feminine), she is but an empathic compassionate celestial embodiment of what any of us might aspire to evolve to. Not far fetched, considering that we are each represented somewhere in the multiverse as a sacred star.

It really is time to awaken to our personal divinity.


As each orb and point of light is a fragment of Source Consciousness, so too, are WE. All points make up the One . I can’t fully explain why I get these wonderful  photos in the sky every night, except I do know they have helped convince me of the truth of our Unity. It leads me to believe that we are each a multidimensional star contained within the greater I AM.


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