My Hardest Decision

As many of you know, the owner of the property upon which Edenlight evolved must sell for health reasons.

None of my attempts to find help in purchasing the land have born fruit.

With less than 30 days left on the eviction notice served, and no sign that my envisioned miracle is about to manifest, I have decided to liquidate.

This is a monumental task. 25 Years of infrastructure, plants, trees, pots, boulders , furniture, stacks of lumber, piles of rock, tons of compost,and a mini forest are going to be a challenge to move.

I do not intend to physically relocate the garden. I do intend to keep the sacred art, and a small collection of special plant friends. I don’t know where the precious flock of 31 chickens will go.

I will need massive amounts of local support to do this. There are only 3 weekends left to have a sale that looks like a year’s work.

Edenlight has always told me she will go wherever I go.  This means a whole new phase of my life’s work. I do have at least 20 years of manuscript and photographs, and divine experience to share. That is pretty exciting. I just may get to see more of my precious family.

Thank all of you who have helped and suffered along with me.

The one final miracle I might ask for is some kind of reasonable extension on  the eviction now that my energies are being directed in  actually complying with something that has felt like a death.

My thanks to both my supporters, and the property owners, who while not patient with me, did allow me to have an experience which has far exceeded Thoreau’s 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days upon Walden Pond.

My Walden shall not be my Waterloo, although my tears are wet.

Blessings on this transition. Namaste.


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