What has been grounded at Edenlight  I am told is now fully within the Earth body.

What this has accomplished will unfold as we become aware of this paradigm boosting gift she has already delivered into the 3D matrix.

She lives in me for now, but everywhere as well.

Long ago I was told the garden was my university. I am evidently graduating, for the campus is being torn down. Though the 1.11 acre living mandala is not made of sand, it’s dispersal represents nothing less than the release of of our common prayer into the emerging reality.

To let Edenlight the garden go has been the hardest – and yet most spiritually fruitful – act of this life body. Moreso because Edenlight  is an integral aspect of it. THEY say that with the greatest pain… I believe it, but have not yet fully passed through the eye of the needle.

To surrender to such a powerful, though loving, attachment is my inner victory, because it isn’t fake. This does not mean I’m yet overly joyous about it.IMG_3302IMG_3363

I cannot tell you how hard I prayed for the ability to release my strongest earthly attachment.

And now the month ahead watching 25 years of accumulated nature go out into the world to new homes in new hearts.

Blessings on this bittersweet process.

Thank you.


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