Edenlight in Transition

Edenlight has always attracted visitors who came either to buy plants, to teach something important for that moment in the journey, to maybe learn something from me, or for some form of healing. Everybody needs some form of that, whether physical, emotional, or a deeper soul alignment with Source.

IMG_3306I was believing that as we begin seriously disassembling the magic garden, that the palpable peace in the collection of vortices and portals that Edenlight holds open for the planet  would begin shutting down.


For a reason I cannot explain, other than perhaps the power of  my surrendering to the universe, the experience both new and old visitors to the garden have is stronger than ever. There have been two spontaneous healings in the past two weeks, reported to me by two different individuals who’s visits I hadn’t even been aware of.

Such affirmation’s of Edenlight’s love is comforting in the face of the monumental job of dismantling her physical essence. Everybody is going to be OK if they believe it.

Our heart is the true human operations center, where all of our divine DNA can be accessed. The brain is just a physical processor.. .  Edenlight does not live in my brain, but in my heart. My attachment to Edenlight was of course in the brain. She says she cannot possibly leave me, regardless of where my garden puts down roots.


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