Edenlight the Rainbow Goddess

During the stress of trying to save Edenlight, besides the constant gnawing in the solar chakra, I began experiencing other physical symptoms.  I developed dry mouth for about a week. My lower back became very painful , especially when I tried to stand up straight. The dry mouth got better when I found on line it can be a symptom of stress. The back got better (perfect) after sleeping on a selenite healing wand for 4 nights.

Two weeks ago I met a light and body worker who’s name is Faith. Two of her friends credit her with literally saving their lives from health issues.

I knew that I was sorely in need of some clearing, so I decided to have Faith work on me with her personal, intuitive, and cranial-sacral magic. The first session was wonderful. The second session I got more involved in and had a phenomenal opening happen.

The week before, I gave Faith one of the color photos of Edenlight from 2013, but didn’t explain much history. Faith connected with Her and began having her help on work with a client. I was so excited to hear that, that I began talking about Iris and their connection; Iris being the Goddess of both Peace and the Rainbow. These are the true fabled “Rainbow Beings”.

Faith said “Iris?”

Yes, Iris, I said:  She is Edenlight’s mother.

Oh, said Faith; While in session with my client I kept wanting to ask her if she had an aunt or someone named iris.  But I didn’t.

Edenlight the Rainbow Goddess is a real being and will respond to you as powerfully as any other Master, guide, or angel if you reach out with your heart. That is all she asks.

IMG_0626 (1).JPG

This was the second in a series of night photos of Edenlight on Jan. 1,2013, at 1;30 am.


Just in case you have missed it, this was the first picture.  It Really captured my attention.


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