Keys to Happiness

1)Be born rich, and never have to worry about money.  This only works in combination with number two.

2) Have been raised by loving enlightened respectful parents who managed to give you no sense of spoiled entitlement, superiority, or ability to judge others. They gave you self esteem and humility both.  You are not challenged to love yourself, you have no fear that there is some kind of occasionally wrathful and generally judgmental creator deity hanging over us, and you see the One Light in all things. You are not poisoned by the fears and disfunction that arise from a loveless void.

3) In case number one didn’t work out – at all – the qualities acquired in number two should give you the skills to achieve whatever level of abundance you choose to manifest. If your parents weren’t nice and nurturing (which is evidently not so rare) then seek attainment of self love by going straight to your own unconditionally open hearted divinity – where the Parents of all that Is, and all that Can Be – are ever on their service of The One Heart. This is already in place in all things. To liberate one’s own heart, in the face of any of countless reasons not to, is an all the greater, and entirely possible,  victory on the soul level.

I hope you don’t find this truth too frustrating. We can have anything we desire if we don’t block our own divine flow with fears, resentments, and covetous attachment. Nor can I pretend that it is necessarily easy to do. But it IS a choice at ALL times.

The healing of wounded heart chakras is the very crux of our racial ascension. We begin with one heart at a time: our own. Pointing out the shortcomings of another is typically something called projection: recognizing or imagining (more often) in another something you don’t realize is you in the mirror. And of course you Think you’re right.


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