Imagine Believing

What is the difference between imagine and believe?

I don’t know, but I can imagine there is one.

OK, I got that far.

Belief itself may or may not require imagination. John Lennon, for example, possessed both.

A borrowed belief, something hugely common, uses no imagination at all.

I assume that something imagined requires first an imagination. We all have one and are rarely encouraged to use it. Those with borrowed beliefs have generally chosen that route out of fear that their naturally intuitive divinely inspired imagination will cause them to somehow be different and rejected. Different can be wonderful: rejection generally not. Regardless, fear shuts down imaginations all over the place.

I was going to say that billions of people sharing a borrowed belief has what may look like chaos prevention going on – at least to an illusory degree on the home turf. The problem with this is that the other billions with their opposing belief create a wonderful interplay of true destabilization, enabling those who sell the agendas that keeps the military industrial octopus tentacles wrapped around almost everyone – in strong control of a dying paradigm which most surely stifles imagination.

A long as we allow our beliefs to be imposed upon us, IMG_3830 imagination shall remain suppressed. This is virtually synonymous with not allowing ourselves to believe in our absolute indwelling divinity.

Since all reality is entirely Belief based, why don’t we all imagine some better ones – not just think About it or Try to…, for what we believe then shall surely be So.


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