Liquidating Edenlight the Garden. Take Home Some of the MAGIC!

If you have been following you know that for months I have been trying to secure Edenlight for posterity. It didn’t work out, although I did invest a lot of hope and energy in several individuals who led me to believe they  were helping. That was another life lesson in itself…

THE SALE is now going on here in Novato, California. Monday thru Friday 1- 6, and Sat. & Sun 10 – 6

The address is 475 Gage Lane, off of Indian Valley Road.

The magical acre is a 25 year collection of specimen trees and ornamentals. Lots of Japanese maples, roses, daylilies, dogwoods, fruit, berries, lilacs, bamboo, and many unusual plants.

Also being sold is a large volume of Edenlight compost, nursery pots, rocks, boulders, lumber, and inspirational signs.


If you live close enough, you can help in two ways; either as a lucky customer for this once in a life opportunity, or as a part of the awesome volunteer team already in place.

The magic is now spreading like the benevolent “virus” it is.

Having Edenlight spread out into the world, and still right here in my heart is not the result I prayed for ( except for the heart part), but seems to be the Divine Plan, so I am good with it.




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