One by Twelve, or: The Really New Math

Zero by zero, there can be no hero,  nor anything ever be.

There will always be ONE, and some form of sun, To shine on our Unity.


One by One, We praise the sun,  and Mother Earth beneath our feet.

This interface of Holy Grace,  Where the elemental and etheric meet.


Two by Two, We learn what’s true,  And see we are the same.

The radiant love In a mourning dove  Can burn away all shame.


Three by three,  On bended knee,  We are the keystone of Creation.

Our angles are the building blocks   Of sacred manifestation.


Four by Four, at the loving core;  The corner posts of amazing grace,

We deflect no light from The Central Star  That illuminates our face.


Five by Five, We shall soon arrive,  As the Heart lids dilate wide.

The radiant light shall eclipse the night,  Leaving darkness no more place to hide.


Six by six,  we stack the bricks,  and turn them into walls;

Illusory lines, and imaginary signs;  Intersections where creation stalls.


Seven by Seven, We recognize Heaven,  As Something in our Soul.

Not far away, nor another day;  Those lies the take their toll.


Eight by Eight,  We close the Gate,  On the myths of separation;

An octagon,  a paragon,   Of awakening reparation.


Nine by Nine,  We stand Divine,  Before the forces of doubt.

In holy embrace. We are the face   Of what it’s all about.


Ten by Ten,  We remember again,  The Reason we are here:

To shine so bright, there is no night,  Nor Any light to shun or fear.


Eleven by Eleven,  We are bridging Heaven,  Into every recess of our heart.

We question not the paradox,  By which we grew apart.


Twelve by Twelve,  We live to delve,  Into the source of all our Tribes.

Our beauty is our differences;  Where beneath the surface,  love Always abides.


Heart to Heart, We return to the start,  with stories beyond belief.

Cleansed now, from the static and attachment,  Of our victories and our grief.IMG_3611

WE are the wind beneath our wings.







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