It Is Not Ego

To truly love oneself is about the same as loving God. Once we realize it IS the same; THE SAME, it is impossible not to  extrapolate the rest: God is All Things.

We are God; that aspect of which we are part to such a degree that we each are the center of the universe. We just happen to be sharing this honor with infinite enlightening points of consciousness.  It is the elegance of Unity.  Imagine a rebirth into that original state.

Loving oneself with kind of a respectful awe is a very good thing. That is not ego at all, but divine Truth.

Once it sinks in that our divinity and immortal Presence are an ancient gift of the very purpose of Creation, we begin to explore and interact with love guided beings of delightfully diverse description from all over the cosmos; the entire Multiverse. .Imagine actually meeting the Elohim from Mintaka, Orion… They are wonderful.

The Star Drive which will translocate us to the new Earth must be something appropriate to the law of attraction; Something here on Earth (Edenlight IS this) must resonate perfectly with where we are going. This HAS BEEN ACHIEVED, and its resonance cannot be reversed.  The agents of darkness that would like to prevent this do not even realize that it has been done from both the outside in and the inside out. It is divinely irreversible at this point. Dirty little secrets that have kept us in the dark are now being exposed and peeled away like the false dead skin they are, even though this false dead skin thinks it rules the world.   Another reason thinking is overrated.

Thank you, Nikola, Albert, Hilarion, Jeshua, Kwan Yin, and all Hearts who know Truth. Truth is that our inner God is now becoming God Manifest. O’dm is the consciousness of ONE HEART.  That which we are and have forgotten until this sacred time of racial ascension.

There is no news on this planet of greater significance. The rest is cheap illusion on a truly epic scale.


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