A Piece of Driftwood

IMG_4099This piece of natural root graft, willow and light weight, was in a drift of castaway wood bits ranging in size from a little finger to a utility pole – deposited by the highest tide and waves up against the base of a rock cliff at a well known beach where an English explorer for the Queen harbored his Auric Stag while exploring western Marin County.

I wrote that in historic code so I wouldn’t get busted for removing a natural artifact from one of the sacred National Monuments that a well known personality in East Florida wants to close so that the drilling may commence…We would very much like that to be Fake News.

OK, enough rancor. The whole point; the thing I noticed about this bit of transformed life support of some specie of Salix ( the Native Americans used the salicylic acid from willow to deal with headaches, and the Bayer company has done well with that knowledge)  was the magic it held.

FIRST: Two roots, not necessarily from the same tree, had crossed, and when the cambium was young, tender, and thin, bonded and grew together strongly as one, with buttress calluses at the four angled intersections, and jointly conducted water, nutrients, and sugars manufactured by the foliage above.

SECOND: It occurred to me that the X formed dendritic tissue had been reshaped, rounded and smoothed by the sacred conscious kinetic interaction of H2O, in this case Pacific Ocean water, and SiO2, silicon dioxide, or quartz- backbone of the cyber age, and the primary constituent of non-lava sand.

THIRD: When I began to hold, and essentially carress its soft texture with my fingers and palms; this gift of borrowed flotsam, in the light of how it had come to be like this – or to have come to me at all- I connected with the Consciousness behind all manifestation. Though but a piece of a temporary structure, it seemed saturated with the rhythm of timelessness.

Nature surrounds us with such “natural” kick starters, animate or not.

When we understand the only thing separating us from anything – from All things – is the auto-protective illusion of Self, our enjoyment and synchronous appreciation and co-creation with the multi-verse around us blossoms exponentially. Namaste.


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