The Rainbow Crossing


A chain of rainbow orb beings in the night sky over the gazebo at Edenlight 2 nights ago.

IMG_0626 (1)

The second iconic photograph of the Rainbow Goddess  EDENLIGHT in the sky over her garden on Jan. 1, 2013 at 1:30 in the morning.  Her healing alchemic love now goes viral as Edenlight the physical garden in dispersed into the surrounding world:  Every single particle of enchanted plant, rock, or artifact!

The Violet Flame of Saint Germaine,   Now appears in many places:

Rearview mirrors, peripheral vision,  And the smiles of awakening faces.

A time of great compassion now,  Is hovering about our hearts;

The gift of Bodhisattva love,  As The Masters play their parts.

Jeshua, Mary, Buddha, Lakshmi,   Ganesha, Gabriel, and Kwan Yin;

All the love that’s gone before,  Now return to bring love in.

The birds, the quartz, the butterflies,  Ranks of ferns on mossy banks,

Glaciers calving into oceans,  To these and ALL we owe our thanks.

Sing, dance, multiply;  Unless you prefer to divide,

Embrace diversity within our unity,  Both mountains deep and rivers wide.

The violet flame of Saint Germaine,  Is neither purple nor blue;

And not exactly amethyst either;  For how can love have only one hue?

Hear that love in every tone,   Illuminating tint and shade;

Enjoy the peace reflecting back,   And forget to be afraid.


An alchemic cactus, which we are every bit as capable of loving as IT is. If you can’t SEE this love, maybe try rebooting your own computer.


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