EARTH RISE; All Reality is Belief Created

A metaphoric segue manifestation is occurring on behalf of the Planet and all life in all dimensions.

Edenlight The Physical/ Etheric Garden, where the Twelve Lower Heavens have been securely grounded and anchored to Mother Earth during her 25 years of fulfilling this sacred unprophesied purpose, is now being dismantled and dispersed into the surrounding world. Awesome particle mandala that she IS, every enchanted plant, rock, or artifact is carrying that magic to a new level now. All visitors to the closing of Edenlight actually feel her magic – many before they even get there, and they take it home with them.

The elegant segue that is taking place is her move to Earth Rise. Once I had reached that extremely challenging point of surrender, and knew I was not going to be able to buy the land Edenlight grew on, I achieved that state of vacuum whereby something greater – another opening door- might be possible.

The first week of the liquidation sale, the Director of EarthRise Retreat at IONS came to Edenlight in response to a Craig’s List post, believing she came to buy some plants for her home.


I have never experienced a more instantaneous rapport with someone on the understanding that we would be of tremendous mutual benefit.

Earth Rise, along with The Institute of Noetic Science (Ions), is the 194 acre retreat and legacy of the late visionary astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Edgar had a spiritual revelation in space, realizing the unity of all things. He was able to see the The Earth Rising over the Moon – a perspective not possible from here – except perhaps at Edenlight, where I have had my own sacred version of that experience.

I have been invited to install Edenlight’s collection of shrines, altars, art; the mineral components of her magic, at Earth Rise. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Earth Rise is a world class international venue for the grounding of Heaven to Earth both spiritually and intellectually. I didn’t even know this retreat existed, though I knew a little about IONS. It is 20 minutes away.

The Light of Eden is already here. That part is done. Now from Earth Rise we shall finish the rest of this paradigm altering story. The literal evolution,  or RISE, of Earth. All of nature and the Spirit behind it is fully invested in this miracle, for all of nature is Bodhisattva.

ALL REALITY IS BELIEF BASED.   We will now believe in the full ascension of Earth, Humanity, and the phenomenal ripple effect that is already having throughout The Cosmos. It wouldn’t hurt to turn off the televisions, for that is NOT how the energetic miracle is being achieved.  The gift of NO FEAR is now being delivered.


One of about 50,000 digital photographs of the consciousness that has been monitoring the progress at Edenlight.


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