IMG_4159Do explorers find something that was already there, or is there enough awe in in the discovery that it is their own creation?

If either is possible, then both are.

The well known observer effect in physics has shown that two controlled experiments with opposite intentions will often produce opposite results based on expectation.

All reality is belief based, so it is important to hold high intentions and expectations. All of the time. Don’t let mass media be your surrogate explorer. If there really is a Matrix, then that’s one rabbit hole it surely dwells in.

There is the exploration of inner and outer space. We are increasingly using technology as how we depend upon having the experience of discovery, as though nature doesn’t provide plenty of that already. Technology is the true surrogate which is masking and displacing our innate divine creative potential. You are right: I have yet to send this blog psychically out into the world, but I’m working on it.

Not to mention  – OK, I’m about to – those latent dormant abilities snoring away in our ten divine strands of DNA. It is what we’ve all been waiting for: our direct access to Source Harmonics.

If Source Harmonics, which is a sneaky but accurate way of saying God, were to fit in a nut shell, it would include these few things: A state of nonjudgmental allowance, intense joy in creation, a love so indescribable it saturates and remains within everything, or nothing would exist, whether it is miserable or not, and…expectation of nothing in return.

However, should this quantum state of love and compassion, of which we are all a part,  be reciprocated, it has the capability and inclination to multiply its blessing ten fold.

We are all explorers. Who is to say we are timid or misguided, those who do not walk in our boots, and know not the details of our personal journey within the quantum experience?



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