IMG_3625Confidence must be an aspect of love, particularly self love, especially since fear is more or less the opposite of love. Arrogance is definitely not self love.

Confidence meshes nicely with Belief and Knowingness, so they must be part of Love as well.

Source Love would have everything at least be in balance, and preferably in a state of reverent non-analytical bliss. Since there are some who might find this boring, Divine Grace allows for all choices.

Far more miracles manifest from confidence than from fear.

The highest level of confidence is one which embodies complete trust in one’s inner divinity.  That body, mind, soul partnership (The Whole Being) makes for a synchronous incarnation. That which is desired is achieved. The word “faith” is closely allied with this level of confidence. It makes for a radiant rather than reactive self.

I was once taught that there are three kinds of Love: Agape (Divine or unconditional Love), Philos ( brotherly or familial Love), and Eros (physical or sensual Love). While these may address some of the more obvious love connections between two humans, it doesn’t begin to acknowledge the infinite diverse love liaisons that hold the multiverse together in its entirety.

A confident heart will not be dissuaded by the prospect of little or no immediate reward, for a greater reward is perceived to underlie it all, and this in turn – this confidence- reflects out brightly upon the life form possessing it.

Humans were designed to do this perfectly, and in countless ways.



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