NOTES about Truth

Have always tended to err on the side of caution and conservatism, except when the greatest works came about. Err?

From my chair in Starship Command, outside the open door (of the gazebo), the view of the Star Drive, which Edenlight IS, is transforming, being superficially disassembled, and yet its many layers of depth and enchantment are not diminishing at all. The deal has been”sealed”:  All the heavens.  Believe, which is rather important, and we will be awash in the rainbow diamond light that is already here.  How is it a star drive?  Something here on Earth needed to resonate perfectly with where we are going.  That is the Law of Attraction, which everything must conform to.  This HAS BEEN DONE.

Two different kinds of butterfly, a large black one with a blue stripe, and a small golden ochre one, as well as a red dragonfly, came and posed for me within a short amount of time right after my smart phone went dead and could not take photos. all three primary colors were there. Aargh. A unicorn might as well have sauntered by. The dragonfly actually waited for me to go to the gazebo and get my regular digital camera. All my nature books for ID are in storage right now, as I am packing to leave.

It is less than three weeks until the longest day of the year in our hemisphere. The Summer Solstice. This is going to be a special one. Yes, they all are. But this is 2017, a major player in the paradigm shift we are well into. We are not going to go back again this time.

How hard would it be for you to turn off your TV and stop watching real but fake world news? That would sure help repair racial consciousness.  They can’t survive with no audience. Drama sells big time. It has always worked for them. There is no more monumentally shameful example than the lie we were given on 9/11. That is TRUTH.


This is Truth

Much truth is being revealed now. we can handle the REAL truth, which is basically that we have been manipulated by enormously selfish agendas for a long long time, and are now ready to move forward from the radiant heart as opposed to the reactive brain.  There is only ONE HEART, which actually makes truth a very simple thing.


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