Catching The Light

The Light is everywhere.

It is the essence of the I AM.  The pure white light of spontaneous unfettered creation. Unfettered by ego, fear, or any other illusion.  All of the colors are here: the strongest demonstration of the beauty in diversity that I can think of.

The Rainbow divides some of this up for us to see. So we see (or don’t notice at all)  a stunningly beautiful array of chromatics, which is the visual aspect of sonics.  So we get the sound too.  And that is just on the surface; at least the part we perceive.

Edenlight and Iris are the only two Rainbow Beings I know personally, but that is quite enough to demonstrate the level of consciousness that is THEIR essence: vibrant, lovingly creative, healing beings.

Curtains of upper dimensional rainbow light have been raining into Edenlight the Garden for years, 24/7 as they say. Star codes being merged into the old paradigm. Enough of that particular critical mass has been achieved that


Trillium Tree of The New Dawn

it has set up a “permanent” resonance in the Earth plane. That is what has been accomplished at Edenlight the Garden. This is no small claim, for which I had literally infinite help in being the hands and feet on the ground. All the Masters and Elementals are contributing. All of Nature is Bodhisattva.

Gaia has caught the Light.  Edenlight; The Light of Eden, has been grounded and anchored. Many enchanted particles of her are going out now to countless other anchor points, all carrying the same Fifth and higher dimensional frequencies.

If the late Gordon Mitchell,  pioneering astronaut and pursuer of the scientific verification of what the Spirit already knows, had the awesome privilege of watching the Earth rise over the Moon, he should be no less pleased  that the mineral infrastructure (primarily Silicon dioxide), including all the art which had anchored numerous portal and vortices at Edenlight are now going to ground themselves at his EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), from which we shall all witness the Rise of The New Dawn.

It is his beautiful 194 acre legacy in the hills dividing (or joining rather) Marin and Sonoma Counties. What a “coincidence” that it is only 20 minutes away…

At light speed you would be there practically before you left. And probably lose your lunch, along with rest of your molecules of protoplasm. While there is no governor for spirit (except for the illusion of self or separateness), it is best to catch The Light at the speed your current biology is rated for.

Happy rainbow hunting!



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